Cotton Lace Bed Skirt Bedspread Single Cotton Bed Cover Bedspread ( Size : 120*200cm ) LHL-Bed skirt

Cotton Lace Bed Skirt Bedspread Single Cotton Bed Cover Bedspread ( Size : 120*200cm ) LHL-Bed skirt

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Material: Cotton
Size: 120*200cm , 150*200cm , 180*200cm , 180*220cm , 200*220cm
Style: European style
Note: This product is cotton material, the first washing will have some shrinkage, but we have set aside for you 3-5cm shrink size, so the size can be bought directly in accordance with the bed.

These blinds are good value and work well. Cutting the slats to size can be fiddly if your window aperture is uneven. I bought the 120 mm wide ones and even though some of the slats spilt on cutting to size I had plenty of spares. I also painted the cut ends because the wood is stained and much lighter than the teak finish. Getting it right can take a few hours. Overall, I like the blinds and once you get them in place correctly they look impressive.

A final tip. If you are shortening the length make sure that you thread the holding cord through the button hole and tie a knot at the bottom. I bought several blinds and in my haste on one I did not tie a knot. So later the holding cords flew through all the slats and I had to thread them through on both sides!
By Mr. M. Johnson 28 June 2017
Overall it's quite good. Easy to setup and easy to adjust if you need to. It looks good, and the mechanisms seem to work just fine. However, it is a little on the flimsy side, and I can see how this could easily be broken by pets or kids.
By Mr. J. Driver 7 December 2017
Arrived within two days of ordering. Fantastic quality, great price, I was a little hesitant in what I would get for a low price but I'm very happy and would definatly recommend. Thank you Pilotfish.
By Devils angel 19 January 2018
I bought these blinds six months ago. They look nice and I was happy with them despite being a bit heavy to raise and too clunky to close properly and truly block the light. Now the cord has become frayed from raising and lowering the blinds daily. It's too high up to graft easily and replacing it would be a pain. Easier to buy new blinds which is what I will be doing. It's unfortunate, as they are quite nice looking otherwise.
By Theblackersheep 2 May 2018
Great value for the price. As with all blinds it's a bit of work to trim them down to size but be patient and you'll get there.
By Gregory J. Willis 6 April 2017
"Deutsche wirtshaft" you'd say. Definitely worth its price, designer well thought about every aspect of use and fitting. I'll definitely use this company for my future needs.
By Miroslaw 27 November 2016
Really pleased they look great and so simple to fit
By zzzzzz 7 November 2017
Fantastic, excellent value for money and arrived promptly
By Amazon Customer 7 January 2017