ANLIN 2L Beer Growler 64oz Stainless Steel with Swing-Top (Inner capacity 1.8L-1.9L) Keeps Fresh and Cold and Airtight Seal

ANLIN 2L Beer Growler 64oz Stainless Steel with Swing-Top (Inner capacity 1.8L-1.9L) Keeps Fresh and Cold and Airtight Seal

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • This Growler is made from 304 Stainless Steel that is completely impervious to oxygen and sunlight (UV) meaning your precious amber liquid is in the absolute best storage container possible.
  • Holds a half gallon flip top growler bottle has a 64oz (2L / Liter) capacity, so you can bring along beer to share to a party
  • Most screw top growlers struggle to hold the pressure required to keep beer fresh and carbonated.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Nonporous single wall growler beer bottle is simple to hand wash just like all of your beer brewing equipment. LIGHT PROOF BOTTLE perfect for IPA BEER
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Wahl 10 blades seem to work well, ut only until they get sharpened. after that, they start dragging instead of cutting, and repeated returns to the blade guy for adjustment/sharpening rarely fixes them. This particular blade was no different. As this is the 4th wahl 10 blade that i've had with this problem (using various blade sharpening services), and my andis 10s are always sharpened without incident, i feel justified in generalizing it as a manufacturer issue. Perhaps they just don't like being loosened and tightened. I don't know. what i DO know, however, is i am happier to spend the few extra pounds getting an Andis that will last through many sharpenings, than a cheaper Wahl that i have to throw away after it's dull and can't be properly sharpened and re-aligned!

Important to note that i ONLY have this problem with their 10s. so far, my 4f and 7f blades have re-sharpened and still work well.

(for anyone interested, i've been grooming 24 years. I normally buy Oster or Andis blades, and started buying Wahl when they were on sale.)
By Zaxy 20 April 2015
Delivered quickly but very disappointed with these blades. I am noir new to clipping horses having been doing so for over 40 years, and using Avalon clippers for the last 4 years. These blades only lasted for half a horse before becoming too blunt. It was the horses 2nd clip and previous experience has been that a good set of blades last for 2 horses 1st clip. I have to question whether these are the genuine article.
By Mr Shaw 17 November 2014
Love this item. Only took half an hour to groom my Shih tzu baby Made my life easier. My Shih tzu has very thick double lair coat and I was struggling to groom him, used to take me hours with other type of blades. I recommend this to every one.
Note- Not sure about the seller though I am having problem regarding returns n refund the different item.
By Kal 3 September 2016
Usual top quality from Wahl. You must use the oil and avoid overheating the clippers. Little and often!
By L. Bretherton 17 September 2017
I bought this blade for my Wahl KM2 clippers. The blade that came with them was a number 10 I think and turned out to be completely the wrong blade for general cutting how I was using it. This blade has been much better and has remained sharp after the same number of cuts that blunted the previous blade. Keep it well oiled though and run your clippers slower to keep heat down, that's the key!
By Mr. J Morris 23 September 2016
Awesome blade, used in my andis 2 speed clippers for a fluffy cavachon and labradoodle. Nice and sharp unlike some I've brought! Very happy.
By Amazon Customer 30 March 2018
Iv'e used a Wahl dog clipper on my Cocker Spaniel for some years and found it to be ideal for the job with know problems so far. Using the Wahl competition series blade for the job, which it does really well and it only takes seconds to change over we are both really pleased with the results.
By Josh Aubry 22 February 2014
blades are of good quality product
By Amazon Customer 17 April 2018