10 x Pairs of Shoe Trees One Size Fits All

10 x Pairs of Shoe Trees One Size Fits All

  • Outer Material: plastic
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Product description

One size fits all. Lightweight. Easy to use. Helps maintain the shape of your shoes. Straight length: 33cm. Pack of 10 pairs.

Context: I have a lot of shoes of relative value that need to be kept in good shape. I chose this product based on previous feedback and value for money.

Overall - 3.5* : Overall, good bang for your buck, if you a) get the right size and b) do not have any unique feet features as these are all exactly the same shape and size. NOT recommended for expensive shoes, due to the small footprint of the back padding.

Build Quality – 4* : A robust build. Solid plastic front and back padding. All of which are the same size. The front is good for pointy shoes/narrow front feet. Metal spring well connected to both pads.

Performance - 3.5* : The back pad has a very small presence and as a result, can leave an impression on some shoes. (See picture). I fear these may disfigure my more expensive shoes. The fronts of my current (well worn) shoes are well stretched out, so I'm happy with that so far.

Aesthetics – 4*: These look as you'd expect them to. The pictures are pretty accurate.

Seller (rating not counted in overall) 4.5*: Items came well packaged. Each item was individually packed in its own wrapping and arrived within a single box. The delivery was on time and I did not have any communication with the seller.
By AJ 3 October 2016
Bought these to smarten up my shoes and help keep their shape when in storage. I have a pair of ikea shapers and these have been great but needed more pairs so thought I’d buy some more. You can’t buy the ikea ones without going to a store so thought I’d buy some from . These looked good and very similar build to the ikea ones so bought them. However when they arrived I was saddened to find that these are just waaaaay too wide and big. They are so wide that they don’t fit into the toe area of my trainers which was the main reason I needed them. So don’t buy these if you want something similar to ikea ones. Plus ikea ones are overall much cheaper (£1)
By Luc Esplin 11 January 2018
I wear a man’s shoe between size 9 and size 10, the majority of my shoes cost under £100. I slipped a shoe tree inside every pair of shoes and trainers I owned. Despite being a basic shoe tree, I am more than pleased with the quality and fit. I recommend these shoe trees to anyone who needs a shoe tree that is both practical and good value for money.
By Obsessive Compulsive Developer 20 December 2016
Cost effective item that keeps my shoes in pristine wearing condition. This product increases the lifetime of trainers and helps them maintain shape. Great value for money as there are lots of the same thing at a much higher price. Couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!!! Fits perfectly into a size 11. Excellent seller and very prompt delivery!!!
By Joshua Dall 25 October 2016
This are good shoe trees is you have a large collection of shoes or sneakers but, the problem comes at the end and the begining of the shoe tree, I bought like 30 pairs and I had to trim them, with a nail clipper because the ends have like a little bit of sharp plastic that may damage the inner part of the shoes depending the inner lining, but this ones are afordable shoe trees the spring is quite strong, and they are well made.
By john 15 October 2016
Great value and do the job. I'm a Men's size UK 8-9 and I wouldn't really advise going any smaller than this but they are great from this size up. The wider fit is definitely suited for Mens shoes and trainers too.
By MR A R C HARDIMAN 29 January 2018
Great product for keeping the shape of your shoes.

Also for travelling very useful as they are light. I use it for me UK 10 or 11 and girlfriend UK6 or 7.

- cheap and does the job

- none
By Mr. B. Bizjak 25 March 2018
I wear a size 9 / 10 and the fit is good. Slightly wider would be better if I am being extremely picky. One or two were slightly damaged upon arrival but for the low price paid, I did not seek any refund or bring the matter up with the seller. Recommended product.
By Jonathan M. 2 October 2016