10 Pack Of TheChemicalHut® White Disposable Overshoes For Shoes And Boots To Protect Carpets & Floors - Comes with TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen! Click

10 Pack Of TheChemicalHut® White Disposable Overshoes For Shoes And Boots To Protect Carpets & Floors - Comes with TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen! Click

  • Elasticated for extra grip around shoes. Fits easily around large work boots
  • Anti-slip textured surface at the bottom
  • High quality overshoes - tear resistant & waterproof.
  • Ideal for decorating to protect carpets and flooring.
  • A unique active agent is moulded into the pen, killing 99.9% of all harmful bacteria & viruses.
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Size Name:X10 (5Pairs)

What does it do?

These disposable overshoes are ideal for any job where either the floor being walked on or the shoes themselves need protecting. Tear resistant, elasticated and waterproof for extra reassurance that nothing will get damaged or ruined.

Perfect for decorators, builders, asbestos surveyors, cleaners, plasterers - around swimming pools, show homes, hikers / walkers visiting pubs / cafes, protecting carpets / new floor surfaces and many more.

These overshoes also incorporate an anti-slip textured surface to prevent slipping over and causing injury in wet or damp conditions.

What will I get?

You will receive white anti-slip / tear resistant overshoes in the quantity of your choice.

I do some dog walking and its a pain to have to unlace walking shoes but at the same time I am not happy going into peoples houses in walking shoes. These overshoes are quite thick and strong so can be used more than once (well I am in and out quite quickly). They fit well over my walking shoes although they are a size 5 but there is more room for a bigger shoe if necessary.

They come nicely packaged. I am very pleased with them and will be buying them again.
By Free Spirit 13 March 2014
Very handy for multiple tasks, however, so ooo thin, I found I needed to wear three pairs at a time and that was over slippers and indoor use otherwise they immediately just wore straight through in a huge hole. I considered it still worth it only because they were not very expensive.

UPDATE SINCE MY FIRST REVIEW.......really frustrating, these are either complete waste of money OR MAYBE I have been unfortunate and have a faulty batch !!! The first few despite very flimsy were ok if wor with couple pairs at a time...HOWEVER...the remainder of the whole pack - the elastic immediately snaps making them useless and it made no difference as to trying to put them on really carefully, still they just snapped, waste of my money. The principle of them is very handy so I shall look to buy some more BUT look for a better quality pack as this purchase was a false economy.
By Minnie 17 June 2016
Will purchase same again . Very useful for protecting the carpet. Easy to put on, very well design, one of the best I had so far.
Worth every penny!
By Chris 24 June 2014
Best shoe covers I've ever bought. Others in the past rip when putting them on but these fit my shoe great and I will buy them again when I run out. I use mine for the garden when it's muddy and I'm out picking up the things my dog takes in the garden!
By emma 26 February 2015
These are strong but light overshoes that we often put over our walking boots and outside shoes to save the carpets. Also they are not slippy on wooden surfaces.
By Dr Jonkers 18 February 2015
These shoe covers are great, I keep them by the front and back doors as I do not wear shoes in my house. They are so quick to put on, especially when wearing boots and I realise I have left something upstairs. Great for tradesmen too when receiving deliveries. Also good for putting on when cleaning the shower screen/riser whilst standing in the bath.
By PSKW 10 March 2018
ive bought these disposable over shoes,as some people wont take their muddy shoes off,so I thought it will be cheaper to buy these than a new carpet.very fast delivery good quality too
By patricia mcgrath 2 February 2015
Fits all shoe sizes, probably up to 11 or 12. They are similar to what you get in open-houses but in white (much better than blue)! This is probably a 1 time purchase for me as there are so many.
By Big B 6 August 2016