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Extra Grip Spike Cleats/Crampons for ice, hills and more Features: • Made with durable strong materials • Available in 4 sizes: S, M , L and XL • Easy to take on & off in seconds • Great for all outdoor winter activities • Lightweight & compact • Excellent for winter time • Reduced slipping • Will make walks on icy days safer • Simple & fast to clean • Can also be used for wet grass, sand & mud • Ideal for skiing & winter holidays PLEASE NOTE: ALL GRIPS HAVE BLACK RUBBER BUT THE PLASTIC ROUND THE STUD VARIES IN COLOUR DEPENDING ON SIZE. THIS IS NOT VISIBLE FROM NORMAL VIEW AS IS UNDERNEATH THE SOLE. WE ALSO RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONSIDER BUYING A SIZE RATIO THAT IS ONE BIGGER IF YOU ARE INTENDING ON WEARING OVER STEEL TOE CAPS OR LARGE WINTER BOOTS (EG BUY A GRIP SUITABLE FOR A SIZE 8 IF YOU ARE A SIZE 7)

Keeps slipping off, frequently had to retrace my footprints in the snow in order to find the missing item
By noracarena 10 May 2018
Large size (for UK shoes size 7 to 11) fits uk size 8 'office shoes' but is too small for walking shoes/boots etc.
By D_A_W 14 February 2018
When i tried to put them on my boots they broke ! I ordered size M so they should fit up to size 8 im a 6. They did refund my money immediately.
By Amazon Customer 18 February 2018
Ordered size 4-7 to fit size 5 walking shoes. They are a tight/ secure fit so feel confident they won’t pop off like previous styles I’ve used. They have been well tested recently on snow and ice and do the job perfectly. One reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the position of the rear studs. I would have liked them on my heels but are nearer my instep so I have to walk putting my toes down first, not sure if a smaller size would cure this
By Caz 20 January 2018
Amazingly good. Easy to walk on black ice.
Very cheap so not costing an arm and a leg, but could well save an arm and a leg!
Easy to pull on and take off too.
By PL Thompson 16 January 2018
I was given a pair of these a few years ago and never used them , but in the last lot of snow and ice they were invaluable, bought these to fit my walking boots, at this price you can afford to get them for emergency use, they do give you plenty of grip and allowed me to take my dog out for its constitutional
By Pip 27 February 2018
These are totally unfit for purpose. So flimsy that they snapped straight away when trying to put on to size 7 boots, although they are sold as suitable for up to size 11. I suppose most people, like me, think it’s not worth the bother to return such a low-price item. Good way to make money,eh? Unfortunately had to rate this item as an undeserved 1* as no option to select 0*.
By Canny Scot 16 February 2018
Bloomin brilliant product. Nice tight fit and does not slip off the boot. Great grip highly recommended
By Ian Cosgrove 29 December 2017