Living World Natures Perch, Medium R C Hagen Ltd 81541

Living World Natures Perch, Medium R C Hagen Ltd 81541

  • Medium perch that replicates your bird's natural environment and adds a natural aspect to your bird's cage.
  • Multiple branches for your bird to perch on.
  • Safe to chew
  • Easy to clean
  • Just wash it and hang it!
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Size Name:Medium

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Nature's Perches by Living World® are natural-looking perches that replicate a bird's natural environment and add a realistic aspect to bird cages. The perches have multiple branches for birds to perch on comfortably and securely. Made of polyresin, they are safe to chew on and easy to clean—simply wash and hang. Medium.

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I was asked if I would give a home to a fairly elderly budgie whose owner had lost interest in him. He had virtually nothing in his cage so I bought two of these perches and a lot of other things to make life a bit more interesting for him. I put just one natural perch in his cage to see what he thought of it and for a couple of months he totally ignored it. I also put two of the plastic budgies (the ones that wobble around) on it which he feeds and chatters away to and he goes to sleep with them. Then one day he put a very tentative foot on the Living World perch and
decided he liked it after all. Now he sleeps on it with the plastic budgies and climbs on and off it all day. I am now going to put the other one in his cage as he likes this perch so much. He is now a very happy and confident bird. A friend has asked me to order one of these perches for her budgy.
By Babs 11 February 2014
Liked the look of it and budgie took very well to it at first - until the ridiculously heaviness of the branch loosed the back fitting of the screw (when I had to remove it to clean the branch). tried to mend it back to its original state but its that heavy that it was rendered useless as couldnt fit it back into the cage again - not quite sure what logic there was to make it so heavy (it states its aimed at small birds - not massive birds of prey!!) that it couldn't withstand being in a horizontal postion!?!? there are much other better products that are made from actual wood that budgies like & can express their natural instints to peck/chew/etc. on them and are naturally light-weight that they won't fall to pieces after approx. 2 weeks!
By Alice 28 July 2015
inherited a budgie and knew nothing about them - thought this size would be too big for my budgies' feet but it's just right - He ignored it for a month or so and I kept moving it around his cage - He finally got on it and hasn't been off it since - think the different size branches makes his life a bit more interesting and realistic - also got him a boredom breaker life size bird toy and He's in budgie wonderland! Funnily enough think I'll always have a budgie from now on - He's such a happy little chap. Am going to order him another perch from this company - fast delivery and at no extra cost. Would give this product 10 stars if I could.
By elsie 1 November 2015
This in not made of natural wood but it is an imitation of a natural wood perch. I am only mentioning this as I hadn't spotted this in the description when I ordered although it is still a useful addition to my budgies cage, he likes to sit on it in the evenings.

It is very solid but can be washed and I keep it near the top of the cage where my budgie walks around before hopping onto his swing at bedtime.
By Melson 12 March 2013
I would not recommend this for birds that like to chew there perches. The product card states that the birds must not ingest any of the product and as it is ceramic with a wire centre I think the risk is unacceptable. No complaints with the seller though as they did state that the perch was not wood
By mollypolly 3 October 2015
I have several of these as I like a natural look in my aviary. They are really easy to fit onto the bars and look quite natural. Really nice item. Be aware the paint does tend to fad a bit over time.
By Honest lad 13 January 2015
these are better and nicer for budgies to stand on better than wooden poles though put 1 wooden pole in cage for variation
my budgie likes them too put them on each side of cage is best 1 big 1 and 1 small to medium and wooden pole across the bottom
By Kindle Customer 2 October 2014
Item arrived in good time, described perfectly by seller, perch is well made and my bird loves using it. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you
By Mary Hepburn 16 April 2015