Aristion 1200watt Tumble Dryer Heating Element Hotpoint MDAC00080765

Aristion 1200watt Tumble Dryer Heating Element Hotpoint MDAC00080765

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  • Genuine replacement dryer element heater for your washing machine.
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The other half has stopped moaning, so it works. Our Indesheet is like triggers broom.
Tips for the young players. If your drier cycle isn't drying and the drum feels warm, then you have to clean out the condenser passages of fluff and stuff ( big job, loads of tools), if drums cold, the element fuse may have blown(check fuse with multimeter, easy peasy job). Or element has blown, if your RCD trips on drying cycle the element has blown. you will need torxe bits and a ratchet of some sort for the bits, the manifold has very tight bolts.
if the machine is just gone mental with no light codes, replace the capacitors on the ecu. they cost 50p and some grunting.
By Sirus 12 January 2015
Its still working fine.
By C WILSON 7 July 2017
Bought this product because the washing machine broken, after some research this was the required part. Once received, installed it, and it worked a treat.
By julia 18 November 2012
Working fine
By eimantas 16 October 2014
I could never rate this as the most exciting purchase I've ever made but when the tumble dryer element blew on our Hotpoint WD440 washer-dryer, then it was just what we needed.

For anyone needing to replace their element, remove the top cover from the machine via the two screws on the back of the machine, remove the 'silver unit' beneath noting the wiring connections then unscrew the element and replace. On ours, we also needed a new thermostat too:Thermostat: Hotpoint WD Series washer dryer thermistor.

The machine now works perfectly again - and the repair was a fraction of the cost an official repairer would charge.
By KLW 2 June 2014