5 Metres (38mm) Replacement Pre Cut Pond Hose Pisces

5 Metres (38mm) Replacement Pre Cut Pond Hose Pisces

  • Reinforced Pond Hose
  • High Quality Materials
  • Clear/translucent with black ribbed sections
  • For use with Pond Vacuums, filters, pumps and UVs
  • 38mm Internal diameter- 5 metre Pre cut length
Item # 418238


Replacement high quality pond hose, available as a precut length of 5 metres (38mm internal)

The replacement hose is made of high quality material that is flexible and strong, allowing for positioning around bends and corners without it kinking. The walls are made of a clear tough material, with ribbed sections in black.

The hose is available as a 38mm (internal diameter) and is precut to 5 metres

Please note - these are precut 5 Metres length and will arrive as such. If you order 2 they will arrive as 2 different 5 metre lengths