Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker nasafes RP03

Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker nasafes RP03

  • There is TWO LAYERS of high quality SHIELDING FABRIC to the product. This means double protection because of the two different layers of shielding materials. The outside is made of an extremely strong polyester fabric that is similar to astronaut suits. The additional layer is a copper/nickel fabric that shields while on the other side is a skin-friendly fabric comprised of real silver threads that is good for shielding too.
  • A SNAP CLOSURE was added for ease when opening and closing. You can open the rip-pouch with only one hand by pressing the two outer hingers together. The patented snap system is unique and has a daily use function.
  • The snap closure on the rip-pouch is also a patented MAGNETIC design. There is a magnet system at its opening. When you shut the closure, both jaws pull together magnetically, preventing RFID waves from entering inside.
  • There is extra protection inside with the BLOCKING PROTECTION. This is one of the features that highlights the Rip-pouch and makes it special. You notice it immediately upon opening it, and how great it works; a round tube that is made of high quality shielding fabric of silver threads protects your car key from any RFID waves.
  • The pouch is small, having DIMENSIONS of 5.8" x 3.5". You may attach the Rip-pouch to a keychain, belt, backpack, or other hook with the steel eyelet attached to it. Then there is a small key ring inside that you may attach your car key to.
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The NASAFES TM RFID blocking pouch offers daily protection for you car.

The Ripouch is made of two layers high quality blocking fabric.
Measuring 5.8 x 3.5 inches, it fits in any pocket or handbag.
The white color makes it easy to find in any bag, even in the dark.

-The ripouch protects you from signal relaying.

- As soon as you leave the car, put your car key into the Ripouch
Also, when you are at home.

- Thanks to its easy snap closure, the Ripouch can be opened with only one hand.

- When closing it, the closure magnetically contracts and closes without a gap for peace of mind.

-Blocking silver fabric and copper / nickel shielding fabric provide double protection.

The original NASAFES TM ripouch has the advantage over other RFID Key Fob Pouches.

The Nasafes signal blocking bag is manufactured to the highest standard.
In addition to a shielding copper / nickel layer,
inside a high-quality NASAFES TM SILVER FABRIC was incorporated,
which includes PURE SILVER THREADS.

- For all car owners with keyless entry systems

- This powerful, white Key holder has exquisite fabric which combines beauty and security in its working.

- Simple to clean by hand washing at under 30 degrees. Dry naturally.

- Stainless steel loop on the back and a keyring inside. Easy to attach to a belt, bag or backpack

- It is trendy and gives you the edge to stay ahead of the game. Do get one today.

It is ideal for you or as a gift for a loved one.
The com-bination of the exterior and interior mechanism makes it one grand tool that would give your life a lift.
Disapointed. Works fine but if you have keys attached to your car remote then it can become a pain to insert & remove the fob from the pouch as it is not very spacious inside, & I suspect it will not be long before the keys on the fob damage the internal shielding inside the pouch. Obvious answer is to remove the keys from the car remote but that just adds an additional bunch of keys in your pocket.
By bri 19 May 2018
I've been anxious about the risk of radio frequency theft recently. My fears are pretty much gone now with this handy case in my travel bag. I live in London, so I pass many people on the street. This case makes me feel safe about my phone's data when it is in. I gave one case to someone for their electronic keys and he seems to love it.

It doesn't hurt that these cases are stylish, too. They are made with a great leather and I got black and brown versions. I carry the brown one wherever I go and I feel a lot safer with it!
By Lorenzo Lombardi 15 May 2018
Having heard of car theft on the increase, I purchased a pack of 2 KeyJails. I put my key into the pouch of one and walked up to my car. Normally the mirrors would swing out and the doors unlock, with the KeyJail pouch in my pocket, nothing happened. No matter how close I got to the car, the signal was blocked. So now, I keep the car key in the pouch whenever I'm not using the car. Works a treat.
By Mr. Stephen C. Ransome 28 June 2018
I was worried about my new car's security. I placed my key fob in the pouch and pressed the buttons through the pouch, the car does not unlock. I tried to start the engine with the key in the pouch and car would not start as thought no key was present. Happy so far but hoping protection continues as other pouches have been reviewed and people say they stop working after time. I am also purchasing a steering lock for my car for peace of mind.
By Amazon Customer 31 May 2018
This works exactly as described.

I have a keyless entry car where just having the key on you will allow you to open the car, get in and start it.
With the key in the pouch, even right next to the door, the car wouldn't open.
As soon as I took the key out the car would open.
I put the key back in and the car locked itself and wouldn't open again.

There is only really enough space for the key, ring and a small key fob.
If you keep a lot of keys on the same ring as your car key then either seperate them or look for a larger 'blocker' case/pouch.
By Mr. Paul Jackson 23 May 2018
A brilliant bit of kit I feel safe now when I lock my car up and pop the key in the case I have tried to start my car with the key in the case and there was no response so highly delighted with the case I recommend any one with keyless start to purchase a case.
By GoldTess 31 May 2018
I bought these for my mum whos a bugger for leaving her car keyd downstairs where people could be inrange to attempt to steal the keyless entry car.
She pops her key in here when she gets home and the pouches work a treat
By Miss Spooky 30 June 2018
This twin pack of signal blocking car key cases are very nice. They are large enough for the key plus key ring and other ‘stuff’. Having two cases means you can protect both car keys without them having to be in the same location.
By DaveP 2 July 2018