Kurelle Multi functional Spray Gun 8 Pattern Metal Watering Sprayer Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Heavy Duty High Pressure Water Adjustable For watering Plants cleaning Lawn Floor Washing Car Pets

Kurelle Multi functional Spray Gun 8 Pattern Metal Watering Sprayer Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Heavy Duty High Pressure Water Adjustable For watering Plants cleaning Lawn Floor Washing Car Pets

  • WATERING PATTERNS: Hose nozzle has 8 patterns including CONE, JET, CENTER, MIST, SHOWER, RINSE, FLAT, SOAKER. The nozzle is clearly marked and easily triggered settings to your needs. There is a handle to change the pressure.
  • EASE OF USE AND DURABLE: The pistol has ultimate comfort and fingers don't get tired. It can be operated using one hand. The construction has heavy and sturdy feel. Suitable for Car Wash, Cleaning, Watering Lawn and Plants, Ideal for Washing Pets too.
  • COMFORT GRIP: Soft rubber coating hose nozzle delivers maximum comfort and long time spray.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: No more cheap flow control knobs that supposedly allow you to adjust the flow and then fall off after a week This has a with heavy and sturdy feel.
  • Kurelle manufacturer offers 100% money back guarantee and 6 months replacement warranty for all the items if there is any manufacturing defects / damages.
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It arrived promptly and well packaged. I connected the gun to my hosepipe through the brass fitted connector, switched on to find it was leaking badly from the gun. I took the connector off, checked the washer, refitted it and tightened it up. Now it no longer leaks. The soaker is well named as all it did was soak the operator, water going in all directions. I expected a better standard of production so cannot recommend this watering gun. I have continued to use the gun in the garden but it is spraying water everywhere including me. I have given up and thrown it in the bin as it is not worth the time and expense ofreturning it. Definitely not recommended.
By Colin 20 June 2018
Like other people have said, this is nicely made and looks lie it will last a long time. The hose connector is plastic, but is detachable and presumably replaceable if it wears. The patterns are good, except for the "soaker" one, which just dribbles out.
The problem is though is that is does not flow water as well as my old, leaky, plastic Hozelock spray gun, even with the flow lever set to max. This might be OK if you use it for misting and the like, but if you want the high-pressure patterns for car or patio cleaning etc. then it's not the one.
Two stars from me because it won't be used as a replacement for my old one.
By Quacking Duck 6 May 2017
Very pleased with this watering spray. Nice solid feel to the design, not plasticky, good grip of solid construction and overall it doesn't feel cheap for the selling. The trigger has a nice action to it and the dial to alter the flow rate pressure actually works well! The sprays are pretty good; however, saying that if I have a small gripe (v. small) I can't see the point of the soaker setting and the centre could be a bit more centred, it seems to spray outward from the centre, as I say they are very small picky things. It attaches to the standard hose fitting well and easy to remove with out a struggle. To keep the the trigger on for a continual flow there is a small D ring at the bottom of the pistol grip - it works ok but I think it could be re-thought out, a better clip design that is in keeping with the quality of this product.

Overall I feel this is a good quality product and well worth the money.
By S. Clarke 7 August 2017
I usually use the flat spray pattern for rinsing the car, or the bike. I like the brass mechanism and it seems sturdy, but can't determine if the internal spring is stainless steel or will rust out in a year or two.

The spray gun lacks a useable shower pattern, for watering garden plants.
The center spray pattern is like 12 independent jets - and the reason for that is? Thus docking 2 stars for not having a good "shower" mode or center nozzle spray pattern, which with the flat pattern are the most useful.
By chris68i 19 September 2018
I am quite happy with my new spray gun. It is sturdy and fits nicely in the hand. The locking mechanism means I can leave it running on the fruit trees with little attention whilst doing something else the different spray settings allow for adjustment whilst spraying more delicate areas of the garden. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.
By CS 15 July 2017
Great spray functions but unfortunately this was let down by the fact that the connection leaks. Tried multiple connectors but it's clear it's the gun and not the hose. I purchased a more expensive brand and that's working perfectly with no leaks.
By Drew Higginson 3 August 2018
Arrived very quickly and was kept upto date with delivery etc. Nice product and as I have issues with my hand and can't use anything cumbersome this product is ideal. I only really use the jet and the mist functions and both are really good.
By Lucie 12 March 2018
Sprayer is good quality with the usual spray patterns. It is robustly built and will hopefully respond well to freezing conditions. (Best taken in during frosts) Responds well to rough handling (dropping on hard surfaces etc)
By Dr IO 24 May 2018