Special Offer Modular Cold Frame Plus Extension Two Wests & Elliott

Special Offer Modular Cold Frame Plus Extension Two Wests & Elliott

  • This Special Offer includes both a Modular Cold Frame and Extension - and saves you £3.15 on the RRP
  • Sturdy, long-lasting aluminm frame
  • Glazed on all sides and top with heat retentive polycarbonate
  • Supplied for self assembly
  • Size: 94inch long x 25inch wide x 18inch high at the back sloping to 15inch at the front
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This cold frame gives you the benefits of a longer growing season, whether at your allotment or in your kitchen garden. The unique feature of the Modular cold frame is that it can be extended as your requirements increase. Each extension which you add will increase the length of the cold frame by 4ft. The clever design makes it possible for you to increase the length whist still retaining the strength and rigidity of the cold frame, creating one large, open, protected growing space.

I ordered this cold frame a while ago and have just finished putting it together (the delay is down to me, nothing to do with the product!!!). The instructions are completely hopeless, I decided that they were only useful for telling me which "bits" I should have, after that, they are not helpful at all, so I put the instructions to one side and figured out assembly for myself!!

The other problem that I had is that the coldframe has "legs" (apparently so that it can be dug in to soil) - this isn't (or wasn't) mentioned in the description and isn't apparent from the photos when I ordered it, but as i wanted it to stand on a patio, the legs were a bit of a problem (the coldframe doesn't have a base)!! A call to the seller put me in touch with a helpful chap who said the coldframe is available without legs but this isn't mentioned in the description. Anyway, his advice was to cut the legs off, which I have done, a bit of a faff, but it's done now.

Apart from these two problems, the coldframe is great, I'm really pleased with it and it fits perfectly where I want to put it.

I wouldn't hesitate to give this a five start rating if the instructions weren't so useless and if it hadn't been for the "legs" problem - apart from that, I'm really pleased - many thanks!!!!!!
By Kindle Customer 14 September 2012
Good product. There is, however, scope for more clarity in the instructions, especially the drawings. What a common gripe this is!
By papa 25 January 2013