Ambiente Weeping Willow Copper Tree Cascade Water Feature Primrose

Ambiente Weeping Willow Copper Tree Cascade Water Feature Primrose

  • Durable construction - This beautiful feature has been crafted out of sturdy copper for extra durability
  • Beautifully ages over time - Over time, copper develops into a gorgeous verdigris colour, giving it a classic traditional appearance
  • Integrated reservoir - The integrated reservoir saves you time and money while making it easier to place this feature in your garden
  • Add tranquillity to your garden - The gentle sound of trickling water is perfect for making your garden into a serene space for the whole family
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Weeping Willow Copper Tree Cascade Water Feature

This pretty copper water feature is perfect for those who are seeking an alternative to traditional garden features. With beautifully crafted leaves from which the water gently trickles, this feature replicates the sound and look of a summer rain shower and is perfect for adding a sense of peace and tranquillity to your garden. This striking peace will develop a beautiful patina over time, turning a beautiful verdigris colour to really enhance its natural appearance.

This fully self-contained feature can go almost anywhere in the home or garden. This feature comes complete with an integrated reservoir, which can be buried beneath the ground and disguised with decorative pebbles or even hidden in a base or planter to elevate the fountain.


  • Tree Height 55-60cm (approx 21-22in)
  • Reservoir Height 27.8cm (11in)
  • Reservoir Diameter 67cm (2ft 2in)
  • Total Feature Height 82cm (2ft 8in)
This water feature fits well in our garden and makes a lovely quiet noise on a summer's day. It is a reasonable size with a good store of water. The rate of the pump is variable, but I haven't played with the rate too much. I have given four stars only because of the price, but it is difficult to compare it to anything else.
By Dr. M. G. Miller 3 September 2015
this was easy to assemble and looks really nice on the patio, just a trickle of water down the leaves not to much just right, very quiet pump just the relaxing sound of water. everyone that has seen it love it, its very different to anything you can buy in garden centres.
By sue franklin 2 June 2014
The theory behind this is lovely, but in reality there is a lot of constant adjusting to do so that the water flows back into its reservoir. The water trickle is not as expected, I was expecting gentle water coming from the to of the tree tumbling down the leaves. As it turns out, the water is spurted out of branch like prongs with the hope that you can get a leaf in the way to break the waters fall. All in all disappointing for the money. Already plan to replace as soon as I can afford to do so.
By Mrs P Bronger 1 July 2014
We bought this item last year and it has got better with age. It is a beautiful feature, gentle and relaxing and looks good. We have put it in a half barrel with slate pieces around the top. We drilled a couple of holes in the bottom so any water can run out. The copper colour is changing all the time as it gets weathered in. You can moves the branches etc around to how and where you want them. We emptied it over winter and just wrapped the pump in bubble wrap. It worked first time in the spring. Everyone who has seen it loves it and i love it. A very beautiful feature for your garden and would recommend.
By Lorna Bennett 26 July 2013