BABYMOOV Bibed Baby Mattress (Smokey Grey) A050009

BABYMOOV Bibed Baby Mattress (Smokey Grey) A050009

  • Better quality of sleep, keeps respiratory channels clear
  • Aerated shape with memory foam and breathable
  • Support straps
  • Removable cover and machine washable (30 degree)
  • Travel bag included
  • Lifetime warranty
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Colour:Smokey Grey  |  Style Name:Baby Mattress

Product Description

Babymoov know that the serenity and the well-being of your baby are essential. Thus, comfort has become one of the features that we have to consider when developing products. Babymoov teams worked hard on the project to finally offer a product that respects the fragile body of baby. We focused on many aspects that remain a source of anxiety for parents. Babymoov is proud to present the Bibed, the ideal sleeping device for newborns. When creating the Bibed, the goal was to offer baby the best position to sleep in. Designed by an osteopath, Bibed is patented and presents a whole bunch of elements that makes it distinct in the market. Its major characteristics offer real comfort and especially prevent flat head syndrome as well as regurgitations. The Bibed can be used right from birth until 4/5 months old and offers total peace of mind for both baby and his parents, especially when coming back home from the hospital. Indeed, it allows baby to relax and to feel like he’s in a cocoon thanks to its airy, waterproof and breathable fabric. Its memory foam prevents baby from thrashing to enjoy a restful moment. Also it offers freedom of head movement for baby while being very secure with its safe and soft support strap. The mattress also provides baby a good support and frees his respiratory channels for a sensation of relaxation and calmness. Made of a very smooth and elastic fabric, the mattress is composed of three layers which include: A top layer, very soft, offering an ideal contact for baby’s well-being. A central layer made of soft elastan for a structural support. A lower layer featuring a hard elastic foam. Very suitable for Baby, it is also very convenient for parents. The Bibed can easily be transportable in its travel bag. Hygiene also represents a major concern for parents, therefore, Bibed is created to be very healthy and easy to wash. Therefore, its cover is removable and machine washable at 30 degree Celsius. Since its launch, the Bibed has experienced a tremendous success with parents showing their enthusiasm through some comments: 'My baby quickly started sleeping through the night, at around a month and a half.' 'The first time I heard about the Bibed, I thought it was some kind of gadget. But after trying it, I'm totally won over.” 'When we came home from the hospital, my baby was restless, but as soon as I put him in the Bibed, he relaxed and stopped crying.' Babymoov invite you to discover the different ranges such as feeding, comfort, safety, caring, outdoor and playing. Find out more about products on our website Babymoov. All Babymoov products offer a lifetime warranty if you register online. To benefit from this service, you just need to register within 2 months from the date of purchase.

Box Contains

1 X Bibed; 1 X transportation bag for Bibed

This is the perfect bed for a newborn up to the age of six months (well it's dependent on height really). It is so soft with memory foam and me and my wife were joking about how we wished they'd make it for adults as well. with high quality materials the comfort is seen in our little one's expressions. It's a pleasure for him to take a nap on or more importantly an all night good long sleep. It's a bit lowered where the head rests to reduce pressure on skull which is simply genius. Not to mention the safety belt which gives you peace of mind at night. All in all a great buy that's well worth the money.
By Orel B. 13 April 2018
full time bed, great, had cocoon with first one, does the same job
By Kamil 9 September 2017