Odif 505AD | Temporary Spray on Glue/Adhesive | 250ml B0051F7930

Odif 505AD | Temporary Spray on Glue/Adhesive | 250ml B0051F7930

  • Temporary Spray on Glue/Adhesive
  • Size: 250ml
  • Allowing precise positioning
  • For fabrics, papers and cardboards
  • Manufacturer: Odif
Item # 389683

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Repositional fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric. Odourless and colourless - ideal for machine applique, quilting, basting and hemming. Odourless and colourless.

Very good product - does what it says on the tin and really good for temporarily holding fabric and paper together whilst cutting or crafting. The only reason for 4 stars was it did on one occasion appear to cause my sewing machine to drag and then jam up - however that may have been user error - I may have applied slightly too much spray - so be aware to use sparingly - you only need to apply a very light sparing spray
By Linda 19 April 2014
I purchased the ODIF 505 tempoary spray to mount A3 and A4-size photographs on to foam mount board for a photograhic presenation evening. With minimal applcation of spray to the mount board, the photographs were successfully held for the duration of the evening.
A few days later the mount board and photographs were successfully separated with minimal effort and a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dried spray to both mount boards and back face of the photographs. Due to the temporary nature of the spray it has entailed new uses and life to both mount board and photographs which would have been impossible with conventional mount spray. I can currently think of no other method that would have been less invasive or permenant and such a delight to use.
By Chilton T 27 December 2012
Since I was introduced o this product I have never looked back. Superb for holding quilts together (fabric and batting) and so simple. No more hours on the floor pinning and tacking. Great, great price and quick delivery too.
By Daniela 13 July 2013
Really helpful product when you want to attach three layers of fabric. Very safe and very easy to use. Will buy again when it runs out
By Amazon Customer 6 January 2012
I have found this product so handy. I initially bought it for holding felt in place to stop it moving while being stitched but now find it invaluable for holding scout badges in places before being stitched on uniform.
By flowerkitten 19 August 2017
I have just used this product for the first time to sandwich togeether my patchwork quilt and I can't believe how easy it made the task. So much easier than the old method of dozens of pins and a lot more accurate as well. I will definitely use this product every time in the future.
By Mrs. H. Patterson 9 February 2013
Yes sticky stuff. It does what you expect. I have friends who use this all the time for sticking their quilts together and they have had the same tin for years, so I'm expecting it to last a life-time.
By Shazspun 3 December 2012
Good quality adhesive for quilting - very easy to apply and use, not too strong a smell which is great. Very effective.
By rene 5 January 2013