2pcs Suction Anchor - Suction Cups - up to 12kg - Hooks for camping, van, car, truck - for easy attachment - no drilling required - incl. 2 S-hooks new

2pcs Suction Anchor - Suction Cups - up to 12kg - Hooks for camping, van, car, truck - for easy attachment - no drilling required - incl. 2 S-hooks new

  • Suction pad holder fro effortless fastening, clings to smooth surfaces.
  • Suction cup for heavy duty applications: it can hold weights of up to 12 kg and is easy to apply.
  • Simple assembly: just press onto a smooth surface and move the lever. Just as easy to disassemble.
  • Hooks without drilling: the suction cup is a perfect alternative for anywhere where you can't or don’t want to drill. The suction hook is suitable for: awning fixing, stationary cars, camping, baths, mobile homes, smooth tiles or for sun protection.
  • Set of 2, dimensions: diameter approximately 11.5 cm, height with flipped lever approximately 5 cm. Can hold up to 12 kg, 2x S hooks included.
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The suction cap can be used for a variety of applications, holds up to 12 kg!

This practical suction cup holder with D ring sticks to all smooth surfaces. Very well suited for camping, caravans and outdoor use. For example, for mounting an awning against your caravan. However, please note that the surface has to be really even/smooth.

High quality set of 2.

Highest quality: we have only used high quality material in production to make sure you’re buying a first-class product. Even after long-term use, you’ll love this suction pad.

Easy to use: installing the hook is a piece of cake. Simply press the suction cups onto a smooth surface and flip the lever. and you're done!

Universal: the breadth of applications is enormous: put up sun protection, use in the bath, or as bracket on parked cars, great when camping or anywhere else where you need a hook but can’t drill.

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Gentle on the surface: the suction bracket is simple and effortless to remove. Simply flip the lever back over and take it off.

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I have a fly screen that I hang in my conservatory outer door. Because it’s a uPVC build, I can’t use screws etc to hang the screen. I’ve bought loads of suction hooks and all of them, after a week or so, stop holding fast to the glass and the screen comes crashing down.
I hadn’t appreciated when buying these how big they are (base of a standard coffee mug) but they have held fast and my screen has now stayed in place. Other colours would be nice (I’d buy white ones to match the uPVC) and would highly recommend these to anyone.
By E L Cliffe 28 September 2018
These thinks really stick! Best to wipe the surface 1st. Used 2 to hold my awning on and one night it really pissed it down, when I woke up there was a massive puddle of water on the roof of the awning and these still held tight. Great product
By Amazon Customer 14 September 2017
Wow these are strong. Just what we needed at a good price. Speedy delivery too
By Mrs. Tina L. Barnett 19 December 2016
They grip realy well and I am using these to secure my camper awning to the car body. No marks or scratches. Well made.
By George Charnick 10 January 2017
Didn’t receive it first time so I reordered And it’s good quality. I use it to hang the projector screen on my glossy wardrobe and it’s reliable. The projector screen has about 5 kg
By Lucian 9 December 2017
These suction anchors are so strong. I have them in my dog grooming salon and I think the dogs would pull the tiles off the wall before they could budge these!
By Ruth Hopwood 4 May 2018
Exelent and good product
By john pugh 16 July 2018
Stuck all night to the side of my van thought a storm, but could not get to stick on the roof due to the shape and contours
By Scott R. 24 August 2017