Contour CPAP-Pillow – Reliable 6-zone CPAP pillow (height-adjustable) (SomniShop Set K100) AescuBrands

Contour CPAP-Pillow – Reliable 6-zone CPAP pillow (height-adjustable) (SomniShop Set K100) AescuBrands

  • ATTUNED: Design perfectly geared to restful sleep with CPAP-mask. Two cutouts for mask, practical hose strap. Excellent for those who often sleep on their back or on the side.
  • ERGONOMIC: Adjustable in height by 0.8 in / 2 cm due to removable inlay. Considerably enlarged head- and shoulder support, also frontal support. Includes indentation for ears. Pillowcase extra cosy.
  • SAFE: No disturbing chemical smell. Pillowcase washable at 30 degrees. Replacement pillowcase can be re-ordered separately.
  • FREE: In addition you will receive our 40-page snoring-guide (German / English) "What nobody tells you about snoring" (SomniShop Set K100) at no extra cost.
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Very comfortable, but took a few days to get used to it. Mask does not slip.
By Amazon Customer 18 December 2017
By Amazon Customer 25 February 2018
I am happy with this pillow. I actually had the previous model too, which I used for some time. However I found it was a little shallow, I am 6ft 4" so the distance between the side of my head and shoulder is probably a little larger than most. The new pillow has an extra 10mm removable layer of foam at the bottom. If you need it, then great. If you find it to be too tall then you can remove it. The pillow itself is comfortable, I don't find it overheats as some people report this from memory foam. The pillow cover is made from a nice quality material and is comfortable to sleep on. Obviously the most important aspect of this pillow is the cut-outs. In general I have a lot of problems with mask leaks. The biggest cause is the fact I am a side sleeper. The cut-outs are a great help for me. I find myself sleeping a lot more on my side now with much less leak.

Overall I am very happy. I have owned two versions of this pillow now and will certainly look to buy another one in future.
By Gareth B 11 August 2017
Over priced for poor quality! The two part foam filling is not sealed and pieces come off every time the cover is taken off to wash. You need a spare for this. The cover is very difficult to get off and put back. The soft pad in the middle scrunches up when washed and is almost impossible to get back into shape. I have two, as I say and each cover is slightly different so quality control is not good. The hose retaining strap are of different lengths and attached in different places on the covers.
By Amazon Customer 11 March 2018