Braisogona Terra Cast Aluminium Stew Pot, 20 cm Braisogona_A373920

Braisogona Terra Cast Aluminium Stew Pot, 20 cm Braisogona_A373920

  • Reduces water, gas and electricity consumption
  • Has 4.1 litre capacity
  • Measures 20 cm in diameter
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Size:20 cm

Product Description

Braisogona Terra cast aluminium sauce pan, 5.5 thick is made of cast aluminium and designed to have the maximum strength and great resistance to deformation. With the saucepan, at last you can create the best sauces without fear of their sticking. Inside and outside non-stick top-quality select Teflon gold colour coating free from perfluorooctanoic acid. You will achieve astonishing results as it respects all the flavour and properties of food without allowing the food to stick while ensuring incredibly easy cleaning. The sustainable cooking means: Healthier: Enjoy healthier cooking, quicker and less oily, providing healthy and safe food. Less power: Reduces gas and electricity consumption, thanks to maximum heat retention and greater power efficiency. Less water consumption: Thanks to the cutting-edge non stick covering, cleaning is easier and quicker. Longer life: Thanks to the technology of the non-stick coating and the thick base, it lasts five to seven times longer than other utensils in the market. Suitable for all kind of cooktops, including induction. Dishwasher safe. Ergonomic, practical and safe hand grip made from heat resistant Bakelite. Handle: Thermo-resistant bakeline with silicone grip. Use: Induction plates are faster and more powerful than other heat sources. In order not to damage the non-stick: Never heat the utensil when empty, without any liquid in it. Never cool it suddenly. Never use the maximum power of the plate as the utensil can heat up to 300 degrees Celsius, which will damage it. Cleaning and maintenance: It is only necessary to use a gentle detergent or soap to clean utensils by hand or in the dish washer. The incorporation of non-stick coating inside and outside of the cast aluminium item ensures that it is easy and quick to clean if the instructions for use are followed throughout the utensil’s life span.

Box Contains

1 x Terra Cast Aluminium Stew Pot, 20 cm

Excellent pan. Non stick coat is easy to clean.

Handles are covered with removable silicone sleeves and the pan is tall for soups / stews.
By A. D. Vivas Alvarado 6 April 2018