Bike Storage Rack (Holds 6 Bikes) Monkey Bars 1006

Bike Storage Rack (Holds 6 Bikes) Monkey Bars 1006

  • Brand Name: Monkey Bars Mfg#: 01006
  • Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs
Item # 385797

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The Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack is the most versatile bike rack on the market today. Monkey Bars has developed a 15 minute installation bike rack that will securely store 6 Mt. Bikes off the garage floor. Uses Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48'' apart, and you're finished. No longer do you have to hang bikes where studs exist. This gives you the versatility to store bikes used less often off the ground and clear up valuable floor space. This rack does not limit you on the size of bike store kid's bikes, road bikes, and adult Mt. bikes. Get organized today by purchasing your Monkey Bars Bike Rack.

overall I was happy with the product, it is well made with a good finish. In reality I think it only fits 5 bikes unless you are prepared to alternate handlebars facing up and handlebars facing down, which I was not...but I expected that based on reading the feedback on various sites. It has made a huge difference to the garage and overall very pleased.
By james ross 11 June 2015
6 bike support system is suitable only for 4 bikes ,however very well made
By paul hillier 28 August 2015
Very disappointed with item, when opening found it must of been a returned item, all the hooks were lose, ties all cut and just left in box, very poor. Item does the job, but very poor value for money. Definitely wouldn't use this provider again.
By marinated 8 November 2014
Met all of my expectations, solid and easy to install which has saved space in the garage
By DF POMPEY 6 December 2014