Salter EK1691N Deep Fill Double Non-Stick Electric Pie Maker, 1000 W

Salter EK1691N Deep Fill Double Non-Stick Electric Pie Maker, 1000 W

  • Enjoy delicious traditional pies without hassle using this superb deep fill pie maker from Salter which is incredibly easy to use.
  • Ideal for any home cook, this brilliant device allows you to make two deep fill pies in ten minutes and it includes a pastry cutter.
  • Featuring non-stick cooking plates, the pie maker has a cool touch handle allowing you to remove food effortlessly when it is cooked.
  • Designed to release the pies without tearing or crumbling the non-stick plates ensure that it is simple to clean after use.
  • With over 250 years of British design and innovation, Salter continue to make great products to enhance your everyday lifestyle.
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Ideal for any busy home cook, the Salter pie maker ensures you can make authentic British pies without the usual hassle. The device has lights indicating when it is ready for use and a cool touch handle ensuring your pies can be cooked safely. It also features convenient non-stick cooking plates so your pies can be withdrawn without causing any damage to the pastry. Get the whole family involved with the preparation then simply bake until the pastry is golden for delicious results.

I use ready rolled puff pastry for tops and bottom. You can make the bottom from a patchwork of the leftover from the cutting as long as you don't leave any gaps.

Try tinned cooked apple from supermarket with a layer of custard as a filling.

Try a filling of Fried chicken cut into pieces with smoked bacon, mushrooms, in a sauce made from Covent Garden Mushroom soup and cream.

Line pies with pastry, add filling and lid and then switch on. Loading when cold is easier and you get a more consistent result.
By Benjy 24 March 2017
My favourite purchase of 2017. I don't actually make pies but use it for making mini loaves to satisfy the occasional craving for wheat and a sandwich of some kind. I have now tried it with several different types of flour including idli flour, and also made mini cheese loaves (also a usually forbidden food) as well as chocolate muffins. Excellent and highly recommended.

PS My favourite flour is Odlums Soda Bread Flour which I mix with water, not milk.
By Euphrosene Labon aka Wise El 1 December 2017
This really is a great pie maker - so good I have bought another one to reduce oven-warming time for pie and peas (petit pois!) dinner parties with deglaze onion gravy made from earlier sauté pan cooking forays!

Just follow these rules 1) prepare fillings in advance - make a batch for several pies and store filling in freezer. Creamy chicken and mushroom pies and minced beef pies work best. If you like tumeric add to pie fillings as you cook - the beneficial aspects of tumeric are maximised if you actually cook the tumeric. 2) Do NOT turn on pie-maker before lining with pastry - despite the instructions telling you to do so. 3) Fill pastry case so top crust bulges a little - sealing edges with water and depressing edge with a fork. Do not use false teeth like Father did in Steptoe and Son. You'll soon learn the correct amount so as not to overfill. To increase contact with lid of machine cut some leaves with knife and arrange three on lid - this ensures contact with top cooking surface and makes pies look as though you bought them from Kennedys (remember them?).but ensures heat transference to pie for even browning. 3) Pies will be nicely brown in 15 minutes not 12 as per instructions. 4) Home made shortcrust pastry with 120 grams of plain four, 90 grams of butter and salt to taste, kept cold as you 'crumble' mixture through cold fingers - with just enough milk to make a fairly dry lightly kneaded dough - only using finger tips. This makes enough pastry to roll out without waste. (Cleaning tip here: wash utensils and fingers only in cold water! Excess pastry slips off easily in cold water - then warm soapy water, rinsed well). Quickly-made shortcrust pastry, not overworked and kept cold - even if you can still see butter lumps - makes wonderful crumbly pastry. 5) Pies are very easy to remove from machine. With a fork in right hand if right handed, lift crust with fork. As pie emerges from mould enough to slip a dessert spoon underneath lift pie out with dessert spoon. I have made many pies with this machine and surprisingly the crust has never given way as you lift the pie out to slip dessert spoon underneath - both with home made shortcrust butter pastry - for the best pies! - and puff pastry (shop brought). My pie and peas dinner parties are popular so I have bought another machine - so as not to have to keep pies warm in oven. So try the fork and dessert-spoon trick. It really is a doddle! 6) Serve with silky mash, petit pois or runner beans cut through a machine and pie doused with delicious onion gravy. 7) Serve with a delicious craft beer and enjoy the conversation - and thinking life won't be so bad outside the EU! 8) Use only 5% fat to preserve coronary machinery! And place machine on tray to catch escaping oil/fat residues during cooking.. 9) Clean machine after eating pies! And only by wiping out with kitchen paper when warm. - turning machine upside down over sink, whilst warm, cleans it effectively for next use.
By HCharlie 23 April 2018
Brilliant bit of kit- read all the reviews and decided to buy this one- only issue I find it getting the bottom pastry in as it seems too big and overlaps quite a bit but that could be me! - have only tried it once- I used ready made pastry and tinned steak in gravy as I wanted to make sure any failures weren't down to my pastry/filling and it was absolutely first rate - 10 mins and it was done ( shortcrust top and bottom) - came out easy - I forgot to do the paper trick others have recommended and wasn't really needed- lifted out as clean as a whistle. all pastry well cooked. OH had one on the day and the 2nd the next day and he said they were really good. Now looking for more recipes!! Comes with a very basic booklet with a few tried and tested standby fillings etc - but the possibilities are endless- Xmas leftovers- breakfast leftovers - no more waste - into a pie and freeze !! Highly recommended so pleased I bought one- going to get one for Son and Daughter for Xmas - no home should be without one.
By Jaki 4 August 2017
Got it today 8/6/17 had my pastry ready and done 2 minced beef and 2 chicken & mushroom.
I was not sure if I should order after seeing some bad reviews, but I have no idea what they were doing?
Easy peasy fantastic pies
By Bassman 8 June 2017
This works a treat. The pies are actually very big but it performs very well. These kind of products are always notoriously difficult to clean but this is very easily wipeable. Make sure you trim the pastry before closing the lid or it goes all over the place. I'm happy that I bought this model.
By Valerie 20 December 2016
I really love this pie maker, it makes beautiful pies, they are much better than shop bought ones, you also know what has gone into them, depending how brown you would like them they take 15 minutes or more, if you like a good portion off pie with lots of filling this is for you, you won't be sorry for buying it, I highly recommend this machine :-)
By Frugalboots 27 March 2017