Brod and Taylor: Folding Bread Proofer / Yogurt Maker / Slow Cooker Brød & Taylor FP-101-RFB

Brod and Taylor: Folding Bread Proofer / Yogurt Maker / Slow Cooker Brød & Taylor FP-101-RFB

  • Ferment and Rise Bread Dough - Make Yogurt - Melt Chocolate - Use as Slow Cooker
  • Temperature range: 21 - 49C and up to 90C in Slow Cooker mode; Typical humidity 60-80%
  • Closed (outside dim's): 46 x 37 x 6.5 cm; Open (inside dim's): 37.5 x 32 x 20 cm (WxDxH)
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I live in a very cold house and this has solved the problem of getting my sourdough starter and bread to rise!
I have also purchased the additional shelf which is a great help when making more than one loaf.

Very helpful customer service too! Thank you!
By Anna C. 9 January 2018
this piece of kit is ideal for proofing bread it's made my bread making so much easier and I get great results every time can't thank you enough for producing this machine I think it's worth the price
By jassy 22 July 2017
Excellent product.
By Ron Saint 4 July 2018
Pricy but good
By Big Eric 23 April 2017
Just what I needed,
Baker by trade, and getting sick of leaving dough in the microwave or oven to rise, and don't have the money for an industrial proofer.
I was quite surprised to learn of its existence, very intuitive and practical

Will update when I actually use it,
But it gets 5 stars for now just because its something I've been wishing for,.
By Chris Thomson 5 June 2015
i loved this when it worked, i have used this a maximum of a dozen times and now the temperature control doesnt adjust up or down, just comes on a 49 degrees and stays on
By margesimpson 2 October 2014
Very good for breads and yoghurts, and for the final stage of ttempering chocolate. I would suggest another fifteen degrees on top of the melt stage of the latter, which is also imortant to get right.
By Harper 29 August 2015
By J.A.. Gale 31 July 2017