Poolguard SB swimming pool alarm PGRM-SB

Poolguard SB swimming pool alarm PGRM-SB

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  • •The Poolguard "Safety Buoy", once installed in the pool, cannot be deactivated; it is always in the alarm ready mode.
  • •Tamper Proof: Poolguard "Safety Buoy" will sound an alarm when removed from the pool.
  • •Sleep Mode: when you would like to use your pool, simply remove the alarm from the pool and put it into sleep mode
  • •Automatic Wake-up: The Poolguard "Safety Buoy" will automatically wake up and run a system test when installed into the pool.
  • •The Poolguard "Safety Buoy" comes with an in house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 ft., and comes with a 12 volt power supply.
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Poolguard's NEW "Safety Buoy" Pool Alarm is designed to be used in any Above Ground Pool including quick set, soft sided and portable above ground pools as well as Spa's and some small In Ground Pools. Poolguard's new alarm is the only floating alarm NSF Certified to the ASTM F2208 Pool Alarm Standard. The new "Safety Buoy" floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology. "Safety Buoy" comes with an In House Remote Receiver, has a 1 year warranty, and is Made in the USA!

Maybe it is me not working this out properly, but I have struggled swith this so much.
I really want it to work.
In its design and styling, it is a great product, but I have really had problems.
1 - as soon as I inserted the batteries it started making a racket.
2 - I move it anywhere (even very gently) and it starts making a racket
3 - even put it near the pool and it makes a racket
4 - once in the pool, it started going off and the pool was still

It was so noisy, that my neighbours called the police ( I have lovely neighbours by the way) and I was still only trying to set it up.

I now have it sat on a shelf in my living room looking like an ornament - a very expensive red ornament....
I am frightened to put it in the pool for fear of another police telling off.

Yes, pool alarms are great, but surely they should not be this sensitive.

It is a pity ince I really want this to work, and other reviews say that people are pleased with it - mine however is like a ticking time bomb that I am frightened to go near
By nobby 4 August 2013