Eden Halls Greenhouses Ltd Eden Univent Window-Opener

Eden Halls Greenhouses Ltd Eden Univent Window-Opener

Item # 367497



The EDEN UNIVENT is a useful accessory for use with your Eden greenhouse. The Univent is an automatic window-opener manufactured from aluminium. Its clever design enables it to open and close automatically, to suit the needs of your plants.

It is especially suited to delicately opening polycarbonate windows. When the temperature drops below 16C, the Univent s double spring will close to maximise the heat in the greenhouse.

When the temperature hits 25C however, the Univent will open to allow cool air to circulate.

The EDEN UNIVENT is ideal for opening polycarbonate windows in the roof of your greenhouse that can be hard to reach. It also negates the need for you to have to keep trudging to the greenhouse every time the weather changes in order to adjust the inner temperature.


  • Automatic window opener
  • Suited to polycarbonate windows
  • Aluminium
  • Solar powered
  • Operates within 16-25C
  • For use with Eden greenhouse windows
  • Simple to fit