"Athyrium Felix Femina Frizelliae Beaded Lady Fern" Plant in 13 cm Pot Perfect Plants

"Athyrium Felix Femina Frizelliae Beaded Lady Fern" Plant in 13 cm Pot Perfect Plants

  • Ferns have true roots, stems and leaves 
  • Depending on the species, fern develops as miniature herbaceous plant up to tall tree
  • Sold in a 13cm pot
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Product Description

Athyrium filix-feminia 'Frizelliae' has fronds of curled pea-green leaflets on each side of a mid-rib, up to 20cm long, resembling tatting (the name for Irish handmade lace). Friselliae has especially curly fronds and provides useful interest when combined with other ferns. Use to great decorative effect in a container, or plant in humus-rich moist soil in a shady part of your garden. It is compact and ideal for use in town gardens. Sold in 13cm pot.

Box Contains

1 x Plant

The neoprene sleeve that came with my daily driver HP Spectre 360x a couple of years back has finally gotten too threadbare. HP don't seem to sell these for my model, so I needed something else. Took a chance, after careful measurement, with this Inateck case as it was on a lightning deal for a tenner.

That was ten quid well spent thank you very much. A perfect fit, and I mean perfect. No slack there at all, as if the case was made for my device. And talking of manufacturing, the quality appears to be very good indeed. The usual weak spot for me on these type of cases is the zipper, especially when it's the required snug fit. That the zipper is only along the top edge so a pretty short run, is a good thing as there's less to go wrong.

There is another zipper, along the front 'accessory pocket' that, to be honest, I can't see me using much. Not least as there aren't many accessories that I would happily squeeze in there. Maybe a slimline travel mouse, or some bluetooth earbuds. Certainly not a power supply or headphones.

The grey outer material is pleasant to touch with an almost canvas-like feel, with the added benefit of waterproofing from a neoprene component. The rusty brown/dusky orange PU leather handle feels OK in the hand, and is sturdy enough to give me confidence that my notebook isn't going to be hurtling ground wards any time soon. Interior-wise, there's a soft flannelette lining to prevent scratches.

All in all, a very happy purchaser. Doubly so at that great lightning deal price.
By The Vanarchist 8 July 2017
I'm really happy with this case, it's a great fit for my MacBook Pro 13".

I regularly travel with a roller case that's cabin approved, and I don't have the space to carry my normal laptop bag. This slides neatly into the front pocket and means I don't have to wheel the case round with me. I did look at sleeves, but I like the handle on this and the front pocket is perfect for my phone and a cable or two.

The case itself is nicely padded, with a soft furry lining. As others have said, the edges don't seem particularly highly padded, but there is protection there, on the zip end too. I think were it a sleeve without a handle it might be more prone to dropping; as it is, I think thinks it more than adequate. The material seems hard wearing so far, though it's clear the handle isn't real leather as the tan colour is little 'louder' than leather would be, but that's a minor point.

What I will say is that I don't think the pocket on the front is particularly suitable for a power adapter, the Mac one will fit but the UK plug is very bulky and looks very unsightly. Going from one meeting room to another is OK, but if you're out for the day and need power, a different bag with a bigger pocket would be my recommendation. My Mac can go a whole day without power, so it works for me when I want to travel light.

A stylish bag, great fit and ideal for those that like to travel light!
By Cheatin Jockey 23 June 2017
I was looking for a sleeve to protect my new MacBook Pro 13' retina and my iPad Pro. I wanted a sleeve that let me access the laptop from the side as it usually sits in a backpack and access is from the top when it's on it's side so this looked like it would foot the bill perfectly. The sleeve in itself looks nice and was well packaged. The downsides however are as follows:
1) the sleeve, whilst padded on the sides has virtually no padding around the seems and edges - so if you were to drop this on its edge I can't imagine your precious MacBook would be very well protected.
2) the side pocket is about 2-3cm too short to fit in my 9.7' iPad Pro - and the zip on the pocket could easily scratch or ding my iPad if I put it in without a cover of its own. This seems like such a daft oversight. Surely many people looking for a side pocket on a MacBook sleeve would want it to fit an iPad Air or small Pro!
On the plus side - The handle on the sleeve feels rugged and well made - so all in all I give it 3 stars. There was so little choice out there for 'side loading' MacBook sleeves that this is as good as I could find. Pity. Could do better, but it'll do.
By R. Day 24 January 2017
Perfect size and nicely padded carry case to protect my iPad Pro 12.9 inch, even when it is in its protective case. The zipped side pouch is big enough for a charging cable and an SD card adaptor.

The zip at the end sometimes catches on the piping inside but if you're careful it's not a problem. I would highly recommend this case.
By Happy One 6 July 2017
I ordered this and was very excited until I saw it! The stitching was puckered, it looked like a cheap rag, nothing like the photos. I sent it back, and replaced it with a €3 one which was much better quality from a well-known store. The camera sometimes lies!
By Beth 4 December 2017
Cant tell about the rest but this one is up there with the best. It's given dimensions suit to perfection my laptop. Quality materials from the large zip to the leather orange handle. the enclosed wipe cloth for the screen is a very nice touch. Definitely worth recommending. Just check carefully your absolute dimensions before your order any case, to avoid disappointment.
By George Kouloumbis 27 December 2017
I use this everyday going to university and taking my macbook with me. I bought this in a slightly larger size than my mac because I was scared that it would be too small, but that case that I have is a bit roomy. That being said, this means I can also fit in my drawing tablet and any work that I don't want to get damaged. The inside is lovely and soft and the outside is sturdy and does protect my mac. Overall I am very happy with this product and will recommend this to people who are looking for a sleek and stylish case that also protects their device.
By Amazon Customer 10 April 2018
This item is what it says it is.

Offers perfect protection for your macbook. Inside there is a scratch proof material that is so soft i wanted my pillow made out of it. It also comes with a microfiber cloth which comes in handy at times. :)

The side pocket does not fit my 9,7 inch ipad with its cover on, which is a major let down concidering that i bought it with that in mind. (The pictures suggest it does but it doesnt.). It does, however, fit if you strip it down.

Overall, i would recomend it to a friend.
By Chameleon 10 November 2016