iceQ 15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge With Window - Red [Energy Class A] iceQ15rw

iceQ 15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge With Window - Red [Energy Class A] iceQ15rw

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  • Ideal for home, office, and bedroom use
  • Easy carry-on handle
  • Frosted perspex window
  • Quiet cooling fan
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Got as a Christmas present for my gamer son, (amongst other things), this was well-received. Features he appreciates are its colour and match for his games system. It provides pretty good cooling for drinks, although I do wonder if we're going to see even less of him. :)

From what I understand, this uses Peltier devices to achieve cooling, rather than refridgerants. This not only makes it more environmentally friendly, but suggests that it may have more longevity. It has two modes: eco (lower power/noise) and normal (better cooling/more noise) but to be frank, the eco mode, whilst quieter, is not much use.

Pros: good cooling for the size in normal mode, at an OK price; compact size; cool looks.It will run off 12 volts so, in theory, good for roadtrips.

Cons: much noisier in normal mode - it doesn't bother my son, but your mileage may vary. I suspect the low noise spec quoted is for the rather useless eco mode which, if true, does make the quoted low noise a bit of a fib. Plastic construction is OK for light indoor use, it doesn't look like it would tolerate high levels of abuse. I'd certainly think twice about slinging it in the back of a Jeep.

Finally, as this is a heat exchanger, remember that that inner coolness comes at the expense of heat being dumped into the room. As it is relatively low powered, it seems not to dump too much, but do bear this in mind: in hot weather, this will only add more heat into a room.

So overall, good (if not spectacular) value for money.
By DVDER 8 January 2017
This little fridge is spot on for a small room. I bought it for my husband for Christmas as he's in a nursing home and it keeps his smoothies and rice pots fresh and cool, it holds a fair amount for its size. It's red too my favourite colour!!
By PatsyAnne 20 January 2017
Wonderful cheap fridge. Holds 18 cans of coke or other coke sized cans. Only downside is that leaving it on will cause temperature rifts ... It will warm up and cool down randomly so be sure to turn it off when not needed.
By Baby Monkey 27 June 2016
why this fridge does seem to be able to just about keep my drinks at an okay temperature when set to max, I don't think their is any hope if you are using this item on eco, so think about that before you buy it. the fridge isn't very loud compare to others if you keep it on eco otherwise it's just a loud annoying fan. so I would be careful before buying
By JPB Reviews 29 April 2018
A gift for Christmas but opened it to check it all out and it is a great little fridge. The car plug is a bonus. Very quiet on the eco setting a good little fridge for a bedroom or for camping.
By wendy worth 18 December 2017
Purchased 29 April 2018 for a relative in a UK Care Home. Door seal came off yesterday! Do I try to repair, replace or what. They are simply not fit for purpose.
Comment edited 07/07/2018 - fridge lasted some 6 weeks before it began to fall apart.
By ray h 4 May 2018
Excellent value for money , keeps drinks cool and has a eco once cool enough that in no noise , brilliant ! And you can take in the car as well as have in the house
By Samantha 22 June 2018
This is ok looks great but i am debating returning it as it seems to randomly leak sometimes.
By Amazon Customer 4 January 2017