VonHaus Electric 1050W Tiller – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator - 32cm Cutting Width

VonHaus Electric 1050W Tiller – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator - 32cm Cutting Width

  • Designed with efficiency and mobility in mind, get your soil ready for gardening season with this hardworking and powerful 1050W electric tiller
  • Made from durable plastic with a metal frame and distinctive black and orange colourways, this handy tool will effortlessly till your garden without damaging the surrounding area
  • With a cutting width of 320mm, maximum tilling depth of 220mm and 4 durable steel blades, the tiller will quickly and efficiently work through large surface areas
  • Some simple assembly required - easy-to-follow instructions included. Lightweight at only 9kg and, with the ergonomic handle and extra-long 10m cable, handling the tiller is easy. There's also an overload protection system and electric brake button for safe operation
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included
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I moved in to a garden over growin and I needed to get rid of the weedy grass so I bought this and it's amazing hits of rocks it's still going so glad I purchased this
By ross1990 31 August 2016
This is a great rotavator - given its price and the fact that it is electric. It has a powerful motor and strong steel blades which cut through reasonable sized roots and did not get damaged by stones and bounced off large underground roots. It was easier to till backwards, pulling the tiller towards you. I agree with the observation that it is a bit tricky to start given that 2 hands are required to overcome the safety switch (this is because the start handle and safety switches are too far apart even for my large hand) and once started, the machine can leap into action, so be ready to grab the handle with both hands to keep control.
My other suggestion would be that the cable should be bright orange or yellow. Clearly it would be a disaster if the tiller went over the cable, but being black it was not obviously visible and great care was needed, especially since tilling backwards seemed the easier option.
I rotavated a long section of garden, overgrown with nettle and weeds (approx 40m x 3m) in about two hours, leaving a fine tilth soil. Overall, well worth the money as I was considering hiring a rotavator to do the job.
By Amazon Customer 8 February 2017
Before purchasing anything these days I always look for the reviews and whilst they certainly give a good idea the inevitable poor reviews always give pause for thought no matter how many good reviews there are. I have to say however that in respect of this product I should have had no such worries. It really does do what it says on the tin, chewing through my hard clay soil(?) with ease. If I had to criticise it, I'd say that it would benefit from side guards to stop lateral amovement of the churned material as if you use it within 18" of an area where you don't want the earth (and stones) such as a lawn you will spend time picking off the stones and earth. But as a hard soil breaker, it's excellent. Just make sure you've cleared the area of lumps of concrete which can jam the tines. The gearbox ratio is such that you can't turn the tines by hand to release the obstruction. I had to use a pneumatic chisel to break the concrete as I couldn't remove the tine even after removing the bolts. A definite 5 stars from me.
By Paul Tooley (UK) 19 May 2017
When I opened the box there was an amount of leaked oil present in the packaging.
After I assembled the tiller I checked to see where it may be coming from. Seems like it was coming from where the gearbox unit was fitted to the motor section and is held together with 4x 10mm nuts. I checked the tightness and they weren't that tight, so I nipped them up (about 1/2 to 1 turn more. This should compress the gasket properly and prevent further leakage. I removed one of the tines (13mm nut and bolt) to get at the filler/level plug and removed it (it was a bit loose) and added about 1/2 small cupful of engine oil. and checked the level by turning the machine upright and checking to see if any oil came out. Added a bit more until it started to flow out, then refitted the drain/level plug and nipped it up. I'm guessing there are so many accounts of gearbox failure because this simple bit of maintenance was not done.
Now to try it out. FANTASTIC ! I have used several electric tillers (rotavators) before, but this is far and away the best I have ever used. It's powerful and handles the job with ease. It's better if you go backwards (as I have found with all of them) and it even hoicked out a piece of rubble about the size of a house-brick with no issues at all. It dealt with our plot in about 20 minutes saving several hours of labour.
All in all delighted, but for the fact it needed maintenance beforehand due to poor quality control I would have given 4 stars, but due to the amount of 1 star reviews due to idiots who have no idea, I am going to give it 5 stars.
On balance - do the simple checks I have outlined and you too will to be delighted!
By P. Greenwood 10 May 2018
I find this product very good. I have used it a few times by now & am very pleased with it. It deals with some quite heavy soil in my vegetable plot .
However, there are a couple of points that need mentioning. One is the awkwardness of pressing the safety switch & then pulling the starting leaver, and it would be better if the cable was not black!! I've cured this last fault by wrapping some coloured tape around the cable at intervals.
I've also found it easier to pull the Tiller toward me rather than push it. I note other people have said the same.
I would recommend this Tiller & am pleased I bought it.
By R. Pollard 11 April 2017
Rotavated a 5x5 meter area to prep for new lawn. Very powerful and even cut through old sods easily. Needed to go over the area several times but very pleased with result.
By mischamilomaya 30 July 2017
A very good machine easy to assemble saved me hours of digging and leaves a good finish to the soil.after 5 minutes getting to grips with it I was well away strong and powerful very good buy
By Freddy R 22 August 2016
Works well, easy to use. Just two negatives.
Firstly, difficult to start it - pressing the button and pulling the handle with one hand is difficult, so you need two hands, meaning you don't have a good grip when it starts. It can leap about a bit then!

Secondly, it can get wire/roots/packing tape wrapped around the tines very quickly and very tightly. These can be difficult to remove as the securing bolt to remove the tines is under the obstruction.

If you are aware of the issues and cater for them, this is a decent bit of kit and good value.
By Colin Boothroyd 12 August 2017