10 x Pairs of Shoe Trees One Size Fits All

10 x Pairs of Shoe Trees One Size Fits All

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Product description

One size fits all. Lightweight. Easy to use. Helps maintain the shape of your shoes. Straight length: 33cm.

Unfair star explanation. However, the description of "fit all" might have been true is length but did not take into consideration that a size 3/4 foot is likely to be be narrower tan a size 9 . These shoe trees wouldn't go into my wife's shoes without ruining the width.
By Amazon Customer 19 July 2017
These are very large both in overall length and the width of the plastic insert. They really are more suited to mens' shoes.
I have tried to 'shoehorn' them into mine but I feel they are stretching them rather than just keeping their shape.
The quality and price is very good, and my partner is delighted to have some new shoe trees.
By P. Davidson 3 May 2017
These arrived well packed each once opened each pair was packed separately they are well made git well in to each type of shoes I really can't fault it I was well impressed and placed another order
By Lenka 4 June 2016
I am very happy with my order great price and a very good seller...AAA+++
By Colin 22 January 2018
Little too wide for my liking
By Alastair Taylor 5 August 2017
I have used them but they aren't really one size fits all they are men's ones. however the price was good
By Amazon Customer 24 May 2016
They're just what I expected. Quality not fantastic, but they do the job and are great value for money.
By Roddy 8 September 2017
The quality is excellent, but the 'foot part of the shoe tree is rather large and wide. Perfect for men's shoes, but only suitable for some of mine.
I wish there had been a ladies' option.
By pamelam 11 October 2016