#1 Rated - Dream Sleeper ® Sleep Mask Blocks Out 100% Of All Light. Master Your Sleep. Velcro Enclosure Does Not Fall Off When Sleeping.

#1 Rated - Dream Sleeper ® Sleep Mask Blocks Out 100% Of All Light. Master Your Sleep. Velcro Enclosure Does Not Fall Off When Sleeping.

  • DREAM SLEEPER MASK- Will block out 100% of light while you sleep.
  • COMFORT- It is fully adjustable with a simple wide Velcro on the back.
  • SIZE- This mask fits all head, shapes, and sizes.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC- If you have allergies we are the mask for you.
  • TEXTURE- It has a silky satin luxurious feel to it.
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DOES LIGHT KEEP YOU FROM SLEEPING? Day time workers, travelers, day nappers, T.V in room.

DREAM SLEEPER BENEFITS? Will Block out 100% of light, no light between your nose, fully adjustable, Velcro enclosure, hypoallergenic and latex free. Master your sleep with the Dream Sleeper Sleep Mask.

Very comfortable & didn’t slide off in the night.
But it transferred blue dye onto my white pillowcase.
So very disappointed with it, as it would have been perfect otherwise.
By SallyC 20 March 2018
My daughter and I both have them and we love them. Very comfortable and blocks out all the light. Makes for a better night's sleep. Definitely recommend.
By Barry P Maisel 17 March 2018
Brilliant - comfortable and blocks out all light - worth every penny
By Mrs. G. M. Sutherland 17 May 2018
It's not perfect by any means but it does provide blackout. The downside is that you won't want to wear it if you like a warm bedroom or in the summer, your head WILL over heat. It covers so much surface area that it definitely won't suit some people but as a baldy that likes a cool bedroom it does the job for me, think of it as a hug for your head. If you're wondering if you'll be able to hear your alarm fret not, it makes no noticeable difference. Over all I'd definitely buy it again, even at THAT price.

Edit: I paid £24.75, it’s not worth the £32.75 they’re now charging.
By Paul 24 August 2017
Super comfy and I am very effected by materials and am a bit of princess on a pea at bed. Even I can wear this when needed.
By Hazel Buckley 9 September 2017
Worth every penny. I am a night worker, and without this product I simply can not sleep.
By S. E. 28 October 2017
Unfortunately, awful quality. It painted my pillow in blue, and nearly disintegrated after the first wash.
By Tim 27 June 2018
I can see how this mask would be IDEAL for some, but there are three cases where it won't work:
1) If you wear fairly large ear plugs at night, it isn't nice, because it smashes them into your ear too much. Loosening the mask so that this doesn't happen negates the purpose of the mask, as it doesn't stay in place and lets too much light in.
2) If you have particularly smooth-textured hair, the mask slides around.
3) This mask is probably best for people with very short hair, OR at least bob/shoulder-length hair. My hair is in the middle, and I found that as the mask rotated around in the night with my smooth hair, it just relocated that hair into my eyes, waking me up! Again negating the purpose.

I can see how this would be the ideal mask for some, but not for me.
By randomcultureobserver 16 August 2017