Cuprinol 2.5 Litre Garden Shades Special Mix Colours Sandy Shell

Cuprinol 2.5 Litre Garden Shades Special Mix Colours Sandy Shell

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Colour Name:Sandy Shell  |  Size Name:2.5L

Cuprinol Garden Shades has been specially developed to colour and protect sheds, fences and other garden wood. Its special pigments ensure a rich colour and allow the natural texture of the woodgrain to shine through. 4 year protection For use on all garden wood Matt finish Brush or Spray How much do you need? 1L covers up to: Smooth planed wood Brush: 10-12m� Spray: 4-5m� Rough sawn wood Brush: 3-5m� Spray: 2-3m� Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and nature of the surface.

As previous reviewers have said, this paint is quite thin on application, so forewarned is forearmed and I didn't particularly care regarding this. It does say on the tin that you will need two coats and that was just about right. Do be aware though that, according to the instructions, you should apply both (all) coats within 8 hours so make sure you have a whole day free to allow for this, particularly if you have a lot of items to paint.
I used it on a very tired and rather neglected love seat and the transformation was amazing. It now looks bright, modern and as good as new. The fact that it also protects the wood as well as being aesthetically pleasing is great.
By Niki G 6 June 2018
Have put this paint on some featherboards in our back yard and have to say that I'm delighted.

The colour is an ever so slightly blueish shade of gray, but actually has a bit of a sheen to it depending on the angle of the light.

The paint itself has a slightly water consistency however that makes it great for soaking into the wood grain and offering the protection it needs. First coat is a bit of a pain as it takes quite a bit of work to cover the wood given that it almost instantly starts to soak up the paint, however the 2nd coat flies on.

After the 2nd coat the coverage looks even and the colour really starts to come through.

All in all, very happy with this purchase.
By Rob G 9 September 2018
This is my second order. It’s a lovely paint. It is opaque, so if you want a solid colour then you will need to do multiple coats, depending on the colour you’re painting over. I’ve used one coat on my garden fences as the desired colour I wanted was similar to the colour on the tin and I still wanted to see the woods grain. On my garden gate I have used two coats, giving the gate a lighter finish.
By Fiona 14 June 2018
Amazing paint and so easy to apply .. forget the sticky paint brush this glides on and cover daily well. I needed a couple of coats and three where contracting colour. Dried to a great silky finish. I have used it on my front door.
By Steve Wright 2 August 2017
Pure and Utter WATER, Not getting the correct paint, it seems to me to be watered down, it runs faster than Mo ….
By Sir Ivan 31 May 2018
Having thoroughly investigated many timber care products I am still using Cuprinol Garden Shades. Like many products it protects but does not preserve the wood. Bare untreated wood requires treatment with a suitable preservative before painting. The paint is easy to apply and covers well; it is low odour and fast drying. Brushes clean well with warm water. There is a wide range of colours available and the finish is both durable and easy to clean. What's not to like? Two tips if you do buy this: 1. I found it easier and faster to apply with a medium pile roller and then brushed out with a four inch synthetic bristle brush. 2. Do not paint the undersides of timbers or they effectively become encased in a watertight skin. Should any water enter via a crack or damage it will be trapped and will cause decay.
By Nigel Long 28 September 2018
Like others on here, I received my two cans both dented and leaking badly. I managed to salvage some of the paint as would have been too difficult to return in this condition. Not only was the surroundings coloured blue, so was the air.
By JustSuzy 21 March 2018
Very pleased with this paint. Have used this before when I painted my boring, plastic, pale grey down pipe willow green - this pipe goes down the outside on a red brick wall from the bathroom. This paint went on very well with no sanding or priming and lasted at least 4-5 years. I have just redone. Have also painted my garden shed two coats, which now looks superb! Also, some picket fencing and intend to paint some garden benches etc.
By J. J. Pocock 26 September 2018