Compost Aerating Gardening Tool Made From Iron With Comfortable Handles Great Ideas By Post

Compost Aerating Gardening Tool Made From Iron With Comfortable Handles Great Ideas By Post

  • Improve the quality of your compost
  • Simply push this device into the compost heap, twist and pull it out again
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Made from iron with comfortable handles
  • Measures 38cm x 78cm
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Produce better quality compost with this simple tool.

It is important to stir compost once a month to maintain air circulation. This tool allows you to do that.

Push the device into your compost heap, give it a twist then pull it out again.

Simple process that greatly improves the resulting compost.

Made from iron with comfortable handles for ease of use.

Easy self-assembly.


  • Height: 78cm (2ft 6.75");
  • Width: 38cm (1ft 3").
This is not a difficult tool. Works well in the compost heap. Push in - twist - pull out. While coming out the blades unfold and create air pocket. Much easier than the back breaking turning by forks. Easy to assemble and sturdy build.
By @vs_trader 4 April 2017
Works quite nicely. If the compost is a bit moist I sometimes find that one of the wings doesn't open when pulling the tool out.
Advisable to wear gloves - the handle irritates and rubs my skin making it sore!
I keep a little stick next to the compost bin to scrape off the compost that gets stuck in the wings.
By M 13 July 2017
Brilliant. I can turn over the compost relatively easily.
Downside; it sometimes gets a but clogged with debris and the "arms" don't open.
Still a hundred times better than trying to do task with a fork.
By Ellie 30 December 2017
It doesn't work with deep heaps and when I used it one of the "wings" didn't open. It's OK.
By Margot Roberts 25 May 2017
Delivered on time and no assembly required. Solidly built and easy to use. A good buy and exactly as described in the specification. Would certainly recommend.
By Jennifer Yates 15 May 2017
brilliant, I have 3 compost bins which are now working properly since using this tool.
By Stephen 23 September 2017
Great ,easy to assemble and use,I would struggle to aerate the compost without this device.Thanks
By Amazon Customer 3 August 2017
Great time saving tool
By R Whybrow 18 May 2017