Wood Chunks for Smoking Food - Kiln Dried Wood - Small Chunks for Smoking Food on BBQ’s/Barbeques. Large 9KG / 25 Litre Box - Fast Delivery (Alder) Gwernyfed Wood

Wood Chunks for Smoking Food - Kiln Dried Wood - Small Chunks for Smoking Food on BBQ’s/Barbeques. Large 9KG / 25 Litre Box - Fast Delivery (Alder) Gwernyfed Wood

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Harvested from our own woodland Natural, untreated - 100% sourced from our own sustainable woodland with nothing added
  • LARGE 25 LITRE- 9KG box of Alder Wood Chunks that will flavour hours of BBQ's
  • VERSATILE Wood chunks use them on a grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • SAVE MONEY - Ideal for Weber and Big Green Egg smokers
  • ALDER WOOD - Light, slightly sweet but not overpowering flavour. This is the traditional wood used for smoking salmon.
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Scent Name:Alder

For the perfect smoked food

Through our love of smoking food - trial and error and our frustration in being unable to source quality wood chunks we are pleased to offer our home grown Alder wood chunks - perfect for home smoked food. Our natural wood chunks deliver long lasting authentic smoke flavour and are the perfect size to use in your smoker, Kamado style ceramic bbq or kettle bbq. Sourced from our own sustainable woodland and kiln dried, Gwernyfed Wood Chunks are excellent value for money and will give you hours of bbq flavour - a few chunks go a long way! Our kiln dried Alder wood is split down into roughly fist sized chunks, though due to the natural product boxes will contain some thumb sized pieces.

Tried and tested so you don't have to

Light a few chunks in your smoker, Kamado style ceramic bbq or Kettle bbq. Leave approx 15-20 mins until chunks have turned white Spread out the chunks evenly using tongs Replace the cooking grid Close the lid and all of the vents - this ensures the fire goes out and the wood continues to smoulder. Add your food and cook with the lid closed using the vents to regulate the heat.

If you prefer to cook with charcoal then simply add a few chunks on top of the charcoal for a subtle smoky flavour. Some people like to soak their chunks, we prefer not to as this only slows up the cooking process, we add a small foil container with about 1 pint of water inside the bbq next to the coals to add just enough moisture, this keeps your chunks dry for delicious smoky flavour. We light our chunks to one side of the bbq and not directly underneath the food, this ensures a circular heat flow and prevents burning the food if the flames flare up.

Just starting out with my smoker, no wood supplies local, so thought I'd try these guys. Does what it says on the box. Perfect chunks of wood for a smoker, box packed to the top, delivered on time.
By Daddy Dave 17 April 2018
Quality product, quick delivery and excellent value for money,.... Very easy to use and highly recommended, Large 25 litre box weighing well over 9kg, will definately be buying all my smoking wood here in future,.. cant recommend highly enough,.....
By Alex Rothwell 20 April 2018
Excellent wood, great size chunks for the smoker, v good value and love that it’s all sustainable (I understand) from their own woodlands.
By Bounds 27 May 2018
Large chunks of wood, they can burn for a long time especially if soaked in water overnight. At this price, a total bargain!
By Amazon Customer 12 August 2018
great product gives loads of flavor to your BBQ food. the chunks come in all different sizes and a very dry which give of a good smoke without popping and cracking like a wet/green wood would.
By ben 26 April 2018
Great service from these guys.
The wood chunks arrived very speedily.
The wood itself is fantastically seasoned and a great mix of big and even bigger chunks.
Will be using again for sure..
Many thanks.
By Amazon Customer 3 April 2018
Box full of wood chunks of varying size. This is a bonus as you can pick the right size chunk for the length of time you need to smoke the food. Fast delivery. Highly rated.
By Pope Jez 18 April 2018
Good solid chunks of wood. Perfect for long smokes on the bbq. Excellent packaging and fast delivery. Would highly recommend
By Amazon Customer 5 September 2018