Weber Apple Wood Chips 17621

Weber Apple Wood Chips 17621

  • Aromatic cooking wood gives a delicate smoky flavour, best suited to to cheese, pork, poultry, fish and vegetables.
  • For the perfect flavour, soak the chips in water for at least 30 minutes before using.
  • Apple wood chips give off a sweet, dense and fruity taste.
  • 0.7kg re-sealable bag.
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Product Description

Aroma: apple. Made from quality materials. Brand name: Weber. Suitable for all households, which also provides outdoors. this equipment must not be missing in any household where the happy face grilling from.

Box Contains

1 x wood chips

These Weber Apple Wood Chips give a really nice flavour - especially for Pork and Turkey!

This is the first Weber branded smoking chips I have bought and as usual with the Weber brand, I am very impressed with the quality.

The bag was a lot smaller than I expected (I didn't read that it's only 700g in the description), but to be honest, you don't need a great deal of them to add a nice smoker flavour to your food.

I am using these chips in an offset smoker and as recommended, soaking them in water for 30 mins before use before wiping them off and putting them directly in the fire chamber on top of the fuel.

A handful is all that is needed to produce a clear smoke ring on a joint of pork.

The only downside is the price and I think next time i'd be tempted to see what other brands are available.
By JordanM 11 September 2017
A sizeable bag of very fragrant wood chips. I've got a smoke box I use. You just soak a fair layer in water for 30 mins, drain off the water & bung the box on the bottom of the barby. I use an old defunct gas barby, close the lid while stuff is cooking. The sliced gammon I cooked was blooming delicious cos of the smoke.
By Amazon Customer 5 February 2018
These do the trick, great smelling smoke. I've smoked everything from lamb shoulder to chocolate brownies with this. Great taste and not over powering. Weber is the way to go.
By S 30 November 2017
Love these wood chips and use them for Weber Smokey Mountain BBQ, all sorts of other flavours too so really nice if you are into smoking!
By Gadgetboy 13 June 2016
Great product
By Jonathan 5 July 2017
Lovely sweet smoke and ideal for smoking food.
By Steven W. 12 July 2018
Great flavour with chicken
By daniel 6 September 2018
Good sized chunks
By MR G A J WALKER 15 August 2018