Genuine Real Leather Mens Wash Bag / Gym Bag / Overnight Bag (Black)

Genuine Real Leather Mens Wash Bag / Gym Bag / Overnight Bag (Black)

  • High Quality Medium Grain Soft Leather Washbag in Black
  • 2 Main sections and side zipped pocket
  • Plenty of room for all your business travel needs
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Size Name:Medium

Part of the Nicholas Moore Essentials range, this stylish wash bag will allow you to carry your toiletries on those trips away!

I am disabled and walk with crutches. I don't like using an over the shoulder strap bag or cross body bag as the bag flops about everywhere or end up hanging around my neck and gets tangled in my crutches. Sometimes I don't want to lug a back pack about with me everywhere. So I decided to improvise. This bag with its two compartments and small zip pouch on the outside is perfect for carrying my everyday stuff around. I can keep my medication in the small zip pouch on the outside, my ereader, phone, charger, ecig kit in one of the big pouches and other bits and bobs in the other big pouch, like moisturiser, comb, mirror, tweezers, pen etc with plenty of room to spare. The handle on the end slips perfectly over the hand rest of one of my crutches and away I go. Very happy, and I suppose if I ever need a travel wash bag, I have one.
By K. Davis 15 May 2016
An amazing price for a capacious bag and in real leather, too; canvas ones can be more than double the price.

With two full-length and full-depth individually zipped main pockets and a smaller 2/3 height front pocket which is also zipped, there is plenty of capacity available for all the smaller acoutriments one would need for an couple of nights away on business or for a weekend away and probably some to spare. Fully-lined with either a nylon or polyester fabric which is not as wipe clean as PVC would be but more than adequate.

Although made of smaller pieces of leather, none are especially small and which could clearly be described as 'off-cuts'.

Overall a well-made bag sold at an excellent price which provides the space for necessities.
By Londoner 20 November 2013
I purchased two of these bags as I need one for my travel bag and another for my sports bag to keep all my moisturiser lotions and wash gel together, as a result of eczema I end up carrying a lot of my own tried and tested products instead of using the general items provided by my gym which don't work too well with my skin.

Nevertheless, I selected this bag as it was genuine leather and appeared to hold a good amount and at £10 you cant really go wrong for a bag like this. The bag arrived very quickly and does appear to be extremely well made so does appear it will last a considerable time if looked after well.

The only downside to the bag was being genuine leather they actually do have a very strong leather smell which I didn't like, normally I am not one to complain about leather smell's but these were quite strong and would leave all my items smelling of leather too. As such I have had to wrap each of them up in newspaper and leave them for a while to allow the smell to reduce to a level where it wont affect any of my clothes or other items.

If you don't mind strong leather smells then this product should not be a problem, if you do, you may need to use the newspaper method or another method to try and reduce the strong leather smell. Alternatively, if you don't want all the headache you can also opt to purchase the Danielle Milano Men's Large Framed Top Zip Toiletry Bag slightly different but still seems extremely well made, not genuine leather though and if I recall a little more expensive.
By MR T S A Ahmed 7 January 2013
For the price, I wasn't expecting all much, but this really is a quality little wash bag - and genuine leather too!
I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase when it arrived, it is larger than I was expecting; I merely brought this to store my own toiletries in at home, and stop other people from using my deodorant and other toiletry items. That being said, I would certainly be more than happy to use this great bag while travelling anywhere, and it would even do for an overnight stay. It it very durable and fantastic quality too, well worth the money, and I recommend it!
By Paul 21 April 2015
I needed a bag to hold my shaver and adapter, plus some toiletries. This is perfect. Bag is split into 2 separate zipped compartments, and there is also a zipped pocket at the side. One side holds shaver/adapter/accessories, and the other quite a few toiletries. For £9.99 it was good value.
By B. Torkington 9 August 2018
Exactly what I wanted
Large enough to pack a few thing in (electric toothbrush, razor paraphenalia ...)
Has two seperate areas which are just over 22cm x 12cm x 2cm
And an additional flat pocket on one side 22cm x 12cm
But if half empty soft enough to squash up inside a packing case
I like the look too
By nafman 16 January 2017
This came in the estimated time, so happy with service.
It is just like the photo in advert. It is a black soft leather wash bag.
It is bigger than I thought, plenty of room for wash things.
I think it is Great value for money and am very happy with my purchase.
By missy 28 August 2013
I bought this for my partner for a christmas gift as his wash bag was falling apart.This arrived flat and packaged well. He absolelty loved that it was real leather which you could smell straight away. It has 3 large compartments which he has filled with all his essentials. It's a soft leather which is great as it gives it a bit more room. It is easy to wipe clean and the zips are very sturdy. I would highly recommend and buy again if i needed another one for anyone else.
By Emma Louise 10 January 2016