PaperMate InkJoy 100 CAP Capped Ball Pen with 1.0 mm Medium Tip - Assorted Colours, Pack of 20 + 7 Newell Rubbermaid 1956783

PaperMate InkJoy 100 CAP Capped Ball Pen with 1.0 mm Medium Tip - Assorted Colours, Pack of 20 + 7 Newell Rubbermaid 1956783

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  • PaperMate InkJoy writing system for effortless writing
  • Delivers crisp and clean lines every time
  • Triangle shape provides comfort and control
  • Colourful-tinted body for a refreshing look
  • Includes five black, five blue, two red, two green, two pink, two Light green, brown, three sky blue, three purple, two orange ballpoint pens
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Size Name:Pack of 20 + 7  |  Colour Name:Assorted Colours

Product Description

The PaperMate InkJoy 100 CAP Ball Pen starts quickly without dragging and requires minimal pressure from your hand. It also features a blend of ultra-low viscosity ink and optimised writing tip for smoothness.

Box Contains

Includes 5 Black, 5 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Pink, 2 Light Green, 1 Brown, 3 Sky Blue, 3 Purple, 2 Orange ballpoint pens

These are my favourite marking pens as a teacher, and I was over the moon to find such a large box at such a reasonable price as they always seem to disappear! I had enough to give some to all the other teachers in the department. Great purchase!!!
By SvD22 12 May 2017
Love these - with three teenagers in the house I find pens (and phone chargers, and food) seem to evaporate after they've been around for a couple of days, so worth buying in bulk. The price often means a box of a hundred is only a couple of pounds more than a box of fifty, though sometimes I wish they would do a box of 50 black and 50 blue.
The pens write smoothly without the blotchy build up that I find I get with other brands. The triangular barrel is comfortable to hold and write with for extended periods of time, and you don't have to scribble to get them going, even if they haven't been used for a while. These pens are the ones with lids - though I prefer retractable ones I can't justify the price difference with the speed we go through them. That doesn't mean they run out quickly, as they don't, just that the kids do an awful lot of writing! I've never yet had one leak, not in my bag, nor the kids pencil cases, nor my partners shirt pocket.
I wouldn't bother buying any other brand these days - I just don't feel there's any point (tempted by the purple ones though!)
By Amazon Customer 23 December 2015
I work in an office populated by ball pen mice and so through pens at a rate of knots. I spend my day writing a great deal of notes and so need pens that are reliable, comfortable to hold, good value, and which don't leave blotchy messes across sheets of paper. The PaperMate Inkjoy is the only ball pen that I've found which ticks all those boxes. Plus my teenage daughter loves using them at school. So I have this large box of black pens to hand and loads of different other colours for various uses. That I, as the celebrated tight bloke in the office, bought these over inferior pens stocked in the office stationery cabinet is testimony to their quality and value. I never buy anything for use in the office normally, but these are worth it.
By MattyB 22 December 2016
These are by far my favourite pens. They have a comfortable grip and as a teacher I can spend hours writing comments for my students to ignore. But with these pens it doesn't matter because my fingers don't hurt, and I like the pretty colour scrawled through their books!
By Helen 6 October 2017
Lovely pens, good quality and comfortable to use, packaging is standard, just a box with the logo and details. Nice smooth ink flow for ballpoints. Delivery was very quick 3days.

I purchased the 12pack, I would've given 5* but I only received doubles of 6 colours (brown, blue, purple, pink, light green and orange) I was hoping to have atleast a black, dark blue, red and darker green as advertised. I read reviews before buying and other people received more colours, one of the reasons I chose the 12 pack.

More colours would've been great for note taking at uni but it'll do..
By tkhanom94 25 September 2017
I've never thought myself to be a pen reviewer, but after opening these and writing some work notes, I was compelled to. (what has become of my life?!)
These pens are awesome. They are vivid, and the writing is sooooo smooth. Super comfortable to hold with the chunkier triangular shape. And just for £2? Bargain. I'm seriously going to buy a lot more. They write a lot smoother than the BIC equivalents.
By Nineathena 2 October 2018
I found one of these pens at work and loved the feeland they way it wrote. So much so I searched for them and purchased a pack... very happy I have put my Parker away and I'm using these as I much prefer the feel of them. Plus these are a lot cheaper if I lose one of these at work.
By delliebeans 22 August 2017
These are Perfect! As a student I review my work with these pens, the different colours make it really easy to identify the sections that need changes making to them. Personally I think the Blue, Purple and Pink ones are the boldest, however there are a variety of colours (including orange, green and brown). I would highly recommend these pens to anyone who is interested! In my opinion they write well, and are a reliable choice.
By Shannon 7 January 2017