5 pieces P-JJ15-BK5 Zebra Sarasa gel ballpoint pen clip black 0.5 (japan import)

5 pieces P-JJ15-BK5 Zebra Sarasa gel ballpoint pen clip black 0.5 (japan import)

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  • [Ballpoint pen core replacement] JF-0.5 core
  • [Single item size] total length 141.0 ~ maximum axial diameter 11.0mm / weight 10.9g
  • [Quantity] 5 bottles
  • Vertical 195mm ~ horizontal 75mm ~ 16mm thick Weight: 57g
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Very smooth pens, write with a nice bold line with very little pressure. I like using a fountain pen for the most amount of comfort but can rarely use it at work as the paper is so crap. These pens write really well on crap paper, and unlike the 0.7mm versions there is barely any bleed through. They do take some time to dry though, and I would say that's a definite downside especially if you're a left handed writer.
The main reason I give them three stars is that they aren't as comfortable as the original Sarasa model sold here in Europe (the non clip version). The non-clip model is thicker and has a more comfy grip, feels a lot nicer to write with. I actually bought these as I mistook them for the non-clip model and was a bit disappointed. They are basically the exact same pen as the Muji gel pens FWIW. They do have a nicer hinged clip design than the non-clip models, but the comfort trade off is not worth it in my mind.
All in all one of the better gel pens I have used, but I would still go for the non clip model in the future.
By stabilized 9 March 2018
Definitely my favourite pens ever.

They have an thin, pitch black line, last for quite a while, and have NEVER skipped a line for me and I've been using them for at least a year now. They're also very durable, having a very sharp metallic tip which doesn't wear down under pressure (I press down reasonably hard and have destroyed a few Sharpie pens without finishing them...). To top if off they're cheap with free delivery. I don't understand how these manage to be so good considering their low price, possibly because they are from Japan?

I'm a physics undergrad and use them every day for everything, they have never failed on me! Highly recommended
By Joe Bentley 4 February 2016
Good enough pens for the money (for budget pens) and nice fine line. Writes more like a birro than a gel pen,Retractable which is a plus. I do however prefer pentel or pilot but they do cost more
By GMB 22 February 2018
Nice pens, easy to use and nice to write with. These were recommended by a friend who is left handed and likes them a lot as they don't smudge.
By VERITY Amazon Customer 12 March 2018
Best pens I've ever had! I work as a Nurse, and need to write clear notes and make marks to med charts, perfect. Worth while waiting!
By Mayu 10 March 2018
The only pens i use they are just that good
By Anneliis Punnar 15 December 2017
These pens feel great for writing! However if you need to highlight don’t use these as they take a long time to be dry enough.
By Amazon Customer 20 February 2018
Great pens for a great price
By Amazon Customer 21 August 2018