Q Connect KF26039 Medium Ballpoint Pen - Blue(Pack of 50)

Q Connect KF26039 Medium Ballpoint Pen - Blue(Pack of 50)

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Colour Name:Blue  |  Style Name:Pack of 50

Product Description

Q Connect Ballpoint Pens. Stick Ballpens with tungsten carbide tip ensures smooth, clear writing for up to 2000 metres and the ventilated cap conforms to BS7272. Medium point. Colour - Blue.

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Love this pack the pen's are good quality a little thicker than your average ball point but still comfortable to hold they last for ages if you remember to keep the lid on, excellent box size so don't have to worry about finding pen's anymore nobody can loose 50 pen's, price is a steal at current rate on don't see why wouldn't by these perfect for school, office use, just handy around the house.

Recommend this product highly, if looking for thinner pen's these are slightly thicker so maybe not useful for young children.
Thanks for reading hope the review helps
By Wesley Wyndam-Pryce 3 December 2015
These are great pens for the money. they have a smooth writing action and the ink flows freely without being messy, I thought that these pens would be ok for the job but inf act they are excellent. I would definitely buy these again without hesitation.

I used these pens on a daily basis and they are much better than other budget biros that are out there
By bLaZeR666_uk 6 October 2017
Probably the BEST pens on the market in this price range. Pens need to write well, consistently and with comfort. These do that (especially the black ink ones - they are the best and I bought all four colours (black, blue, red, green - *duh*) - must mention the ink smoothness NOT the same for the different colours though - again, black is best, dark, smooth, then comes blue, the red is a nice dark red (not tomato red) and in the tail comes the green which is rather light and one has to press hard, relatively speaking, to get the ink on the paper. The other thing is that the caps fit poorly on the tops when writing - they are always falling off. But the ink doesn't dry up or anything if you don't have a cap. Anyway, if you need a large quantity of pens, these black ones are real beauties, quality at a bargain price - well done Q-Connect.
By SJCR 9 March 2015
Used for peer assessment. These feel cheap, but are actually great to write with and the green is clear to read.
By Ami 15 November 2016
Alright, but a certain percentage of the pens in each box don't work well and skip in their ink, rather than provide constant ink.
By S Grant 28 July 2018
Bought these for my wife who is training to be a teacher. She needed it because one of her training schools has no resources for the kids. The kids come from challenging backgrounds and different colour pens can be an issue. They work well and the price was excellent. Would definitely recommend.
By Paolo Maranzana 18 March 2016
Nice writers, nice green colour however the end of the pen unscrews and as soon as the end is gone the ink is not held in place. Good for office use but not as much for classroom use.
By TM_2040 24 May 2018
Arrived on time.Shimano Medium Ballpoint Pen KF01043 - Green Pack of 50.
Excellent Value for money. Super quality of pen. Now I'm don't have to keep running out and buying one.
By Jackie C 27 March 2017