1-Layer Cushion Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit - 2 cm (approximately 0.8 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women ah-puwF

1-Layer Cushion Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit - 2 cm (approximately 0.8 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women ah-puwF

  • A set comes with both left and right foot shoe inserts
  • Comfortable, will not make you tired
  • Urethane
  • ah-puwF
  • Will fit all size
  • Total Height: 0.8" (2cm)
  • Material : Urethane
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I ordered these because i have an inch difference in leg length so thought a 2cm lift would be a good starting point. I read some reviews and they stated there was no compression which i found to be untrue as when i stood on this lift it basically squashed down to under 1cm.
If you have a difference in leg length and intend to just wear one of these to make you level again i would avoid this product at all costs, i mean its £10 so its not exactly super cheap for what it is and it does not do what its designed for.
I hope anyone suffering with aches and pains because of their leg lengths or hip issues reads this review before they buy them.
There are better ones for around £3 on other buy and sell sites.

I don't have any pictures to add to this review as when i seen how bad they were i was that angry i instantly repackaged them and printed the labels for return.
By TheBigYin 13 July 2017
Very annoying that the material squashes down as you walk making your heels rub on the back of the shoe and you feel like you are on an annoying bouncy castle. Needs to be more rigid.
By Alix 18 February 2016
Good fit for feet size however this is a lot deeper than expected, so you may find it is slightly too high for shoes but does give the extra lift for the height conscious. Also a good quality build and hasn't worn over a lot of use.
By Callum 20 September 2016
Squashes down too much to give the required lift, disappointing...paper gives a better fit!
By HarryB 31 July 2017
compared to products at pharmacies etc this was brilliant value and is a real sturdy yet comfortable product to use.
By Amazon Customer 6 May 2018
Protects my heels nicely. Problem with bending my ankle and this raises my foot just enough to clear the ground when I walk. Comfortable.
By christine thompson 19 June 2018
Just gteat for my ugg boots as I was 'told off' by orthopaedic surgeon fot wearing totally flat soled footwear. Will order more
By Christine Savage 13 May 2018
Husband finds these very helpful, due to shorter leg, from hip problem
By Mrs. Carole Brittain 26 April 2017