Xuheng Refillable Butane Gas Torch Lighter Culinary Torch Creme Brulee Torch Blow Kitchen Cooking Torch Welding Soldering Brazing Refillable Tool Professional Grade Culinary Blowtorch for Cooking Food, Searing & Baking

Xuheng Refillable Butane Gas Torch Lighter Culinary Torch Creme Brulee Torch Blow Kitchen Cooking Torch Welding Soldering Brazing Refillable Tool Professional Grade Culinary Blowtorch for Cooking Food, Searing & Baking

  • Self standing.Made from the most superior light-weight materials. Providing you with an ultra-soft, unique grip that promises No slipping.
  • Flame adjustable,Added to your ideal torch with ecstatic light, is a Butane flame that can be adjusted according to your personal needs.
  • Can be refill with butane gas(gas not included in product,you can buy refill gas like Ronson or Swan)
  • Windproof even when working outdoors, this splendid micro butane torch can get the job done.
  • The box picture show how to use it,without anyother instruction manual .Suitable for office, conference room, restaurant and other places
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Attention Please:
For safety shipping the torch lighter coming without gas, so customers who buy our products need to fill their gas to use.

Product Features:
Winproof butane gas gun style cigar cigarette lighter.
Suitable for all kinds of applications, including grills, engine repair, soldering,. Portable Butane Burner/Torch.
Ideal for brazing, soldering, dental repairs, chef's torch, plumbing, industrial maintenance, electronic repairs.
Portable Butane Burner/Torch. Refillable with standard butane gas, Stand base for safety and easier use
Suitable for office, conference room, restaurant and other places.
Working pressure: 12Pa
Temperature: 1250℃ Blue Flame.
Welding / cutting thickness: 100mm

Package include:
1 x Gas Torch

How To Refill:
1.To fill the torch hold the torch upside down and make sure the fuel tip has rightly mated with the refill hole of the torch
2.Give a heavy strength to push the refill tip. Try a pump action will get a better effect(pump action is adding gas and then loosening the tip to let the air in the gas tank out then it will be easier to add gas)Right refill won't has vapor until the tank has been fully filled.
3. If there is vapor at first refill please check the angle or the fuel is leaking or not. Right refill will get a full tank in about ten seconds. Please allow several seconds for the gas's stabilization.
4.To ignite the torch use a proper strength to press the ignition button. Turn the gas flow lever by the right to regulate the flame size as need.
5.After the torch is lit, push the key aside get a continuous fire, any time give a puff to put out the fire when it is necessary.

Like most people you buy one of these for a particular job, you have in mind.
The usual suspects are:-

Various small DIY jobs around the house repairs where you need a melted seal.
Small metal welding so it may be good for crafts and hobbies.
Searing items of food and even lighting the charcoal on your barbecue.

But I used mine to heat burn the 'supers' and insides of a bee hive.
(The bees had gone btw).

The flames kill any residual infections and bugs and you are left with an ultra cleansed interior, safe for the new swarm to start again.
No bugs or nasties can survive the heat and flames of this neat little blow torch.

In addition, I have used it to soften and heat weld a leaking water butt saving me £s.

The build of this simple yet effective machine is excellent.
With a little care, it will last you years.

It is robust, sturdy and is powered by easily obtainable, Butane gas- canisters are easily available at most places that sell cigarettes and the like.

All in all a really useful blow torch that when you get one you will discover quite a few uses for.

By Glenn Cook 2 July 2017
Looks nice and is a good size for a mini blowtorch. However, feels quite poor quality.
Flame cannot be easily controlled (there are instructions on changing the flame but the practice doesn't actually do anything).
Mine self-ignited once then stopped self-igniting. I've returned it, hopefully this is a one off.
By Miss RJ Webb 7 June 2017
Not very strong took ages to do one brûlée !!
By daniel 14 August 2018
Lit ONCE then nothing. The flame is not adjustable (and is tiny) and once I managed to light it with another flame it just went straight out again. Utterly useless.
By RastaBub 28 June 2017
Better than described. Fast delivery.
Thank you
Virtually Impossible to refill,but once refilled it was performing fine.
I just got too frustrated as the refill was getting worst every time
By Marco G. 22 July 2017
Awful ... poor quality waste of money
By Mrs J Ragsdell 28 January 2018
Fully gassed, worked once then ignition system broke.

My advice, just get a blowtorch from Homebase
By Alex 4 September 2017