Fiskars Reel Mower, Lawn mower with contactless cutting system, cutting width: 46 cm, StaySharp Max, Black/Orange/Silver, 1000591 Fiskars (outdoor) UK Ltd 113880 CEL Reel Mower Hand Tools

Fiskars Reel Mower, Lawn mower with contactless cutting system, cutting width: 46 cm, StaySharp Max, Black/Orange/Silver, 1000591 Fiskars (outdoor) UK Ltd 113880 CEL Reel Mower Hand Tools

  • Mowing the lawn becomes child's play thanks to the StaySharp cutting system which cuts the grass without the blades touching
  • For comfort, the mower features an ergonomic, height adjustable handle with padded grip
  • Length: 1220 mm
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Product Description

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

The Momentum Reel Mower. Click here for a larger image.

Reel mowers are a smart choice. They are good for your lawn, good for your health and good for the environment. Fiskars new Momentum, the world’s most advanced reel mower, provides solutions to the problems inherent in traditional reel mowers. The Fiskars Momentum mower combines patent pending technology with superior ergonomics to deliver a reel mower with best in class cutting performance for a superior mowing experience. Compared with traditional reel mowers, the Momentum mower is easier to push, has more cutting power, StaySharp blades, a greater cut range, closer side edging, superior ergonomics and is easier to adjust. In fact, the Momentum mower beats all other reel mowers in every one of these important areas.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Cutting

Exclusive StaySharp cutting system cuts grass without the blades touching to help reduce push force by 30% in long grass and provide long lasting performance without annual sharpening. The cutting reel is positioned forward and uses a long wheel base to provide maximum cutting versatility. This way, the Momentum reel mower can deliver the greatest cut range of any reel mower – with cut height settings from approximately 2.5 to 10cm.

The mower in action. Click here for a larger image.
Quiet and Clean

A reel mower allows you to cut the grass any day of the week, at any time of the day, without the risk of any noise pollution. The little extra physical effort a reel mower demands ensures that you can see the results on your lawn and on your body. The clean scissors-like cut of reel mowers is beneficial for the lawn, as it minimizes moisture loss and reduces the risk of disease.

Innovative Patent Pending Technology
  • Patent pending InertiaDrive technology provides best in class cutting capabilities with cut height settings from 2.5cm.
  • This revolutionary new technology delivers twice the cutting power to cut through small twigs, weeds, or dense grass that would otherwise jam a regular reel mower.
  • The technology reduces cutting system friction, provides optimal blade positioning and delivers extra cutting power to reduce the required push force by 30% in long grass.
  • StaySharp Cutting System: Fiskars Momentum reel mower has been precision-engineered to cut grass without the blades touching, which greatly reduces friction and blade wear to ensure long lasting performance; no need for annual sharpening from the steel-on-steel contact that dulls standard reel mowers.
Comfortable and Manoeuvrable

Best in class convenience features include an ergonomic, height adjustable handle with a padded grip, a quick and easy one-touch cut height adjustment system, and a forward throw grass discharge chute for mess-free operation. In comparison, the innovative design of Fiskars Momentum makes it easy to push, reduces the risk of jamming, secures more cutting power and a greater cutting range, allows mowing close along the edges and does not leave uncut strips under its wheels, nor grass clippings on the user’s feet.

Always at the forefront of offering the latest in design, performance and eco-friendly garden tools, Fiskars has developed the Momentum reel mower to take care of your lawn, your health and the environment. Reel movers do away with the smell of gasoline and the noise of a roaring engine. And in contrast to traditional reel mowers, Momentum’s innovative design directs messy grass clippings forward (away from the user’s feet), edges 3 times closer and never leaves uncut strips under the wheels.

A lifelong commitment to quality, quality has been one of Fiskars' core values to which the company stands firm on having a holistic approach throughout its entities and throughout the products lifecycle. Delivering a quality end product is merely the basis that extends into top service levels for consumer. When properly used and maintained, Fiskars garden tools shall remain free of defects in material and workmanship. Any exception to the rule will simply be repaired, replaced or substituted by a product of equal value.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Fiskars 113880 momentum reel mower
  • I bought this for our new house, a new build with a brand new lawn. I, and many other curious neighbours and passers by thought it was brilliant and I was very proud to stop and chat to tell them all about it and let them try it out. However after 1 years use I'm actually a little disappointed. As its a new lawn I still have meadow grass shooting up faster than the grass itself and it will just not cut the stuff. As other reviewers say, the front roller flattens the long stalks and the reel just seems to slide over. At one point my lawn was freshly cut but looked terrible because there were so many stalks sticking up and I had to go over the whole lot with a strimmer. This morning I've tried again, this time pushing back and forth trying to cut this damn stuff and I ended up loosening the chain and the reel doesn't spin anymore. Having said that its quick to fix when you know how but its not something I want to be doing on a regular basis....

    For me the bad points are :

    - This is a heavy machine. I would say almost, (if not as), heavy as my last petrol mower. But you don't feel this weight while mowing, its just when you have to get it out of the shed and onto the lawn.

    - The cutting width is exaggerated and you will find yourself needing to go over by a good third of the last strip that was done in order not to leave any blades of grass un cut.

    - the wheels leave tracks in your lawn.

    - Probably not as robust as originally thought - but then again very few things are nowadays

    Good points :

    - Its very sharp and does cut the grass very well

    - Its almost silent, so early in the morning, late on an evening or on sunday afternoon you can mow your lawn listening to the birds singing without having to put up with a complaining neighbour.

    - No petrol, no fumes and no electric cables


    If you have a well established, perfectly flat lawn with no weeds I'm sure this would be one of the best mowers around.
    If you're like me and you have a slightly bumpy lawn with longs grasses shooting up (ie meadow grass) forget it and look for something else.
    By The James Familly 4 July 2014
    Although the mower itself is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and brilliant - LOVE IT! No Noice, No mess, very compact and simply brilliant
    BUT.... the grass net (and fixing to the mower) this is pathetic piece of flimsy engineering...
    It apeares that Fiskars outsorce the grass-net design to some first year students or to the school DT classes. it's just pice of ***t.
    It does not stay in place , it tries always to get off... had to do a little bit of my own DIY to make it workable!

    So the mower itself is 10/10 , the grass-net 0/10
    By Dennis G 22 May 2017
    I rarely get round to writing reviews. Oddly it's the lawn mower braking that has got me to want to sing it's praises.
    The mower will tackle a remarkable range of grass. Or lawn is much neglected, rough, often left to get too long for a reel mower. I'm often pushing it too hard to get through over long grass.
    After a couple of years of this mistreatment, today's cut seemed to kill the mower. The wheels turned but the blades did not. I imagined some plastic toothed wheel stripped of its teeth or something. But, a 10mm spanner got a couple of bolts out to get the cover of the transmission. That was revealed as solid, steel, chain wheel and sprocket linked with a solid bike chain. Fiddling with the wheels revealed where the lack of transmission was happening. A loose grub bolt made for an easy fix, twiddled back in with a 6mm Allen key. It's the solid, easily user serviced build of the machine, as well as it's ready performance, that's got me on to review and give it 5 stars.
    By matt watson 22 April 2017
    This is a quality piece of kit. Makes me almost look forward to mowing. It's heavy but I think that's necessary for good traction and speaks to solid construction. Blades are very sharp, use gloves when touching. This type of mower will cut beautifully if you look after it and don't allow sticks and stones or bigger plants etc to get near blades. It's like a pair of scissors, if you keep sharp and well adjusted they're great, but if you abuse them and don't tighten they are pretty useless. Mine didn't need any adjustment from delivery. Cut paper strips first go. Big rubber wheels move well over paving and so quiet you can listen to music easily whilst you mow. Not much effort to push, only slightly more effort than a petrol or electric mower without the noise and the set up hassle. Don't know why anyone would bother with petrol /electric after trying this.
    By b0k 15 July 2017
    Having spent as much as it is possible to spend on a hand-pushed lawnmower, you might expect the accessories for Fiskar's excellent mower to be of similarly high quality. Alas, this is not.

    I've not much against the lightweight,mesh construction. The size is also more than adequate. In principle, it could hold the cuttings for the entirety of my lawn. But only in principle. In practice, the other design failings of this grass catcher mean it is impossible to fill. Simplicity of design is a virtue, but only if it works.

    The catcher attaches to the mower by four hooks. The two lower ones hook over a bar at the front of the mower, just in front of the cylinder blades. The two upper ones hook over notches in the mower frame that are there especially for the purpose. There are a couple of bars on the catcher that allow it to be adjusted according to what height cut the mower has been set to. But as the catcher is of such lightweight construction, adjusting to get a snug fit takes priority, otherwise the catcher comes off with the slightest bump. Unfortunately a side effect of adjusting for a good fit is that at lower cutting heights the base of the catcher slopes towards its opening. So as soon as it has got just a shallow layer of cuttings in it, they start to slide towards the opening, back onto the lawn.
    By Twasme 21 April 2013