Melnor 3015 Digital Water Timer

Melnor 3015 Digital Water Timer

  • Automatically water up to 6 times per day
  • Large digital screen
  • Works with Melnor's Automatic Rain Delay (sold separately)
  • Manual feature to use like a faucet
  • Requires 2 - AA Batteries (not included)
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Program automatically to start and shut off.Works with low pressure drip and soaker hoses.On/off to use like a faucet.Never over water again simply set and forget.Easy programming with lighted prompts.Set to water while you are away or at night.Dimensions (L x W x H):5.9 x 4.24 x 4.98

Not suitable for the English home the thread on the gates are different size you would need adapters if you can find them to change from American thread to English thread so that you can connect your hoses to the unit. The unit should of come with four hose connectors or a warning on the the description that adapters would be needed to change the thread size.
By Amazon Customer 20 June 2018
This fits my criteria for watering exactly. Couple of problems , firstly the clock keeps gaining, cannot find a way to slow down, just have readjust. Secondly it leaks water from under the coupling below the tap connector, sometimes fast sometimes a slow drip, i can tolerate this by placing a water butt under which I use for watering can so nothing wasted. Would have given 5star had these not been present.
By richards 8 August 2018
Let’s start with the good
You can control 4 separate hoses, irrigation systems with this
It’s pretty easy to program

The bad
Connecting it to a tap is a nightmare. Didn’t mater how tight I did it up it still leaked. Still leaked after using loads of ptfe tape.
Connecting hoses is also a nightmare as the threads are different to the unit which means you almost have to cross thread them to get them to fit or use more ptfe tape.
The battery pack in the control unit is really fiddly when you put them in the screen comes on and goes off. It keeps doing this and finally when you get it working you go to slide it back in the housing and it switches off.

Batteries don’t last long about 3 months for the AA Duracell’s I used

A nice device just a lot of annoying bugs
By Amazon Customer 18 July 2018
cost £60 arrived valve 4 always open not working
not possible to contact about it easily not good
By douglas holloway 11 September 2018