100/200/300 Waterproof LED 12M/22M/32M String Fairy Lights Christmas Xmas Party, Festive Lights, Birthday Party Lights Indoor/Outdoor with UK Plug(No Battery Required) (Red, 300LEDs) Rezolo

100/200/300 Waterproof LED 12M/22M/32M String Fairy Lights Christmas Xmas Party, Festive Lights, Birthday Party Lights Indoor/Outdoor with UK Plug(No Battery Required) (Red, 300LEDs) Rezolo

  • These LED fairy lights create a gorgeous constant hue and against a low lit space will transform your home for this year's cheery festive season.
  • Let these LED Christmas lights enter your home this year to be appreciated by your guests, friends, family, and loved ones at year after year.
  • They may even be used for special events out of the festive season such as, weddings, birthdays, or any celebration that needs some extra sparkle.
  • Low output voltage LED bulbs not only help protect family and pets from the risk of electric shock and fire but also make a huge saving from your electricity bill.
  • Durable, hardy, exceptionally long life and easy bending
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Colour:Red  |  Size:300LEDs

• LED Color: Warm White / Red / Multi-Color (Yellow & Green & Red & Purple) • String Color: Clear • LED Quantity: 100 leds / 200 leds/ 300 leds • Power: 220V AC • Length Between Control Box and 1st LED: 1 meter • Length of String: 10m / 20m / 30m • Modes: 8 modes effects 1. Combination 2. In Waves 3. Sequential 4. Slo-glo 5. Chasing/Flash 6. Slow Fade 7. Twinkle/Flash 8. Steady On • Hot sale item in the coming Christmas and other celebration occasions • Ultra bright LED lights • Long lasting, stay cool, energy saving • Perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor • Ideal for gardens, walls, fences, roofs, trees, boats, cars and so on • Made of soft multifunction LED bulbs  • CE approved and RoHS compliant

When we received our item we noticed that the plugs on both (we bought 2), looked dodgy. The wire had been glued into the housing and all the pins were uncovered, the lower 2 were not insulated. We did use the items once as we did not have time to get replacements, but I decided to try changing the plugs myself before putting the lights up for Christmas.
As you can see from the photo, there are only 2 wires, and no earth wire, the opening is covered in glue as the cord grip was not sufficient, and they have used a 13amp. This amperage is far too high to be safe, and should only be 3a. There should also not be glue anywhere near a plug!
By S Addams 13 December 2015
Lights work fine, but I am not convinced this is suitable for outdoor use, although it claims it is.
I have several sets of outdoor string lights, and none is/are like this.
I don't like the white/clear cable - it may be good for indoor against a pale wall, but it looks bad outside I prefer a green cable as it blends in to the fence/bushes.

The plug is not a sealed one (like you get on kettles and irons) so water could easily get in if you have the lights outside.

Finally, I am no electrician, but all my other string lights have large transformer-style plugs so the voltage going though the cable is very low. This just has an ordinary plug - does that mean it has full voltage going through this?? I think I'm going to bin these, I don't want my kids getting electrocuted.
By Oracle 27 10 November 2015
These are NOT waterproof, I put them up Thursday afternoon, by Sunday morning when I took them down the internal wiring was rusting. More concerning however is the fact on my set there is an exposed wire in the very end, which I only noticed when I held the end whilst they were plugged in and got a minor shock!
By Rob Hopkins 27 July 2015
Merry Christmas!
By Guitar Hero 27 January 2018
Not safe, not waterproof for outdoor use, plug looks unsafe. Do not buy
By Amazon Customer 21 December 2015
Delighted with these lights
By Happy shopper 1 October 2015
Bought lots of red fairy lights trying to find the right ones and as far as red ones go, these are the best ones I've found!
By E. Robinson 13 September 2015
They are ok but the plug seems to be upside down so doesn't fit in an outdoor socket properly
By JeniW 12 January 2017