Hentastic Foraging Cake Feeder & Cake - 2 Flavours available - Great For all Poultry (Garlic Ginger & Herbs) Unipet

Hentastic Foraging Cake Feeder & Cake - 2 Flavours available - Great For all Poultry (Garlic Ginger & Herbs) Unipet

  • Buy both the cake and the feeder together
  • 100% Vegetable foraging cake to provide your chickens with a healthy treat.
  • High in protein, vitamins A,B & C and helps to relieve stress and boredom.
  • Fully endorsed by the British Hen Welfare Trust
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Flavour Name:Garlic Ginger & Herbs

Hentastic foraging cakes a a natural, nutritious, healthy snack that chickens will just love. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and packed high in protein.

I can't say my hens or ducks or geese have shown any interest in the block. They prefer old fashioned grit on the ground. The cage is not much use, it doesn't fit so good and easy to find it knocked over. I wouldn't buy it again.
By Ms C. K. Russell-Jones 11 January 2018
My hens are really tucking into this foraging cake ...... it's has a lovely fresh, herby scent & they began pecking at it straight away. The cage however is not like the one shown in the photograph ..... I was expecting a wire holder but an orange plastic one arrived ..... wouldn't have been my choice!
By Anna Bellamy 30 April 2018
I got this for my poor chucks to enjoy placed in holder on floor, chucks not to sure ,they whent to bed got up next morning to let them out and it had vanished, only holder left, some ,greedy bloody fox or cat nicked my poor chucks cake, i was not amused.
By Miss C A LEE 7 July 2016
They LOVE it! It goes like snow off a ditch - just wish it lasted a bit longer.
By Belfast Barbara 14 June 2018
The hens love this stuff - it is a good distractor but obviously so tasty that they just eat it all. Very easy to set up - literally open the package and pop the cake into the feeder.
By Lisa G 7 August 2016
Smells pleasantly "herby". Been in the run for two weeks now & the birds still haven't really touched it.
By Mark Davies 10 October 2017
Chickens enjoyed and mine are sometimes fussy
By PAUL HODGE 1 September 2018
It took them a little time to even try this foraging cake but they now keep going back to it.
By Miggeuk2014 2 June 2017