HotGirls Kid's Christmas Red Wedding Hooded Cape Cloak Winter Shawl with Fur Trim Hand Muff

HotGirls Kid's Christmas Red Wedding Hooded Cape Cloak Winter Shawl with Fur Trim Hand Muff

  • Color: red,if you need to others color,can contact us
  • Soft,Smooth and Warm-Keeping.2-4Y length is about 38inchs,5-7Y length is about 42inchs, 8-10Y length is about 45inchs,11-14Y length is about 50inchs
  • 80% Polyester
  • Suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Perfect for wedding, bridal parties, shows, evening and any other formal occasions, especially for outdoor events in Autumn or Winter
  • Hand wash recommend
  • If you have any problems about this, I'd love to help you at first.
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First off, this is a brilliant concept and I immediately fell in love with the design, the seemingly "high-quality" materials and the gorgeous finishing (the box looks like a porcelain serving dish and the lid looks like made of glass!)
When I first got it, everyone at my office was quite impressed and got it's fair share of wows.

However after months of use, a few things about this aren't quite what they seem:

1. The two smaller containers inside are neither air-tight nor stay in their place; so unless you carry the lunch box perfectly flat, they *will* move about and any sauces you happen to have inside them will find themselves all over the inside of the lunch box.

2. The lunch box is fairly airtight, however since it has hinges only on two sides instead of all four, it *has* leaked on occasions (my lunch almost always contains a good amount of sauce). This isn't necessarily a product flaw as much as it is bad design and I wish future iterations of this lunch box come with latches on all four sides.

3. Finally, the sides of the lid aren't particularly strong and in my case have developed fine cracks on the two sides having hinges. This is, again, bad design because the inner edges of the lid are quite thin compared to the rest of the lid.

After around 9 months of daily use, the hinge guide mechanism on the lid has broken, rendering this beautiful lunch box no longer airtight, and in my case, useless.
Its a shame really, because the box is quite pretty and I still use it at home.

So in conclusion, while I laud Black+Blum for a really pretty take on an otherwise boring everyday item, some bad design choices have resulted in a not-so-recommendable product, and one that looks much better than it really it.
By GizmoGeek 26 May 2014
I love Black and Blums' stylish designs and have had my eye on this lunch box for a while. I was pleasantly surprised by the size, larger than expected. I firstly found the lid a little hard to close and didn't want to apply to much pressure and damage it but you really have to to get it to close properly. I used all compartments and as other reviews have mentioned by the time I got to my destination everything had moved around and caused a right mess inside the container. Due to its size and various compartments it does hold a substantial amount. The biggest disappointment for me though was the staining especially as it happened after the very first use. I had a tomato based stew which I reheated in the container and it left a horrid orange stain. Was really hoping this wouldn't happen.

As side from that I am happy with my purchase and hope it stands the test of time .
By Special 26 April 2017
Having purchased two of the black & red lunchboxes (both sizes) as recommended by a work colleague, I am sorely disappointed with this product. Am waiting to hear back from my work colleague to see if he has had a similar problem after putting it in the microwave.

Must point out that I have used the lunchbox a handful of times, and both my lunchboxes have bowed on the lid and now they leak. For the price tag of what this costs compared to your usual standard lock and clip tupperware lunch boxes, this fails to meet the standard and is definitely not fit for purpose.

Normally I wouldn't bother wasting my time to make a video and would just stick to writing a review of my experience of using the product. You should be able to see from my uploaded vid on here that this product isn't worth buying (unless you are intending on using the lunchbox for dry food / non liquids).
By JJ 10 August 2014
Bought this to replace an identical product that had broken. I like the design and the fact that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Good product by Black + Blum. However I am wary of this one breaking like the last. Be careful when closing the lid on as the small clear plastic projections from the lid that sit in the groove on the white container can be vulnerable to breaking thereby making you unable to securely lock the container and prevent leaks.
By RO 2 September 2018
This is a great way to motivate me to take lunch with me to school/work. It was a little spendy upfront, but I have made my money back by not eating out as much. It's a good size for a meal, and the compartments are a great way to keep things separate until you're ready to eat. I don't really understand what the circle in the lid is for, but it hasn't impacted the function in any way.
By AliciaMay 29 January 2018