100pcs 7.2cm Refill Foam Bullet Darts for Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters Kid Toy Gun (Black) StillCool

100pcs 7.2cm Refill Foam Bullet Darts for Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters Kid Toy Gun (Black) StillCool

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  • 7.2cm refill darts, Package includes: 100pcs Darts
  • These darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster
  • N-Strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, and there's no better way to load up on firepower
  • Fire further than before, refill ready for battle
  • Best fit for Age 3+
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Great value.
These bullets can be so expensive.
My kids have two nerf guns (not sure on model) I was so pleased with the price and product I have recently bought another two packs.
300 bullets! Kids love them.
By MackStarr 16 June 2016
"StillCool". That's how I felt when I bought these and won a free-for-all Nerf match against my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Both now blinded.
By Matt T 20 January 2018
These are not genuine nerf bullets - which in itself is not necessarily a problem. The tips are still relatively soft and are air filled but do seem slightly harder than the genuine nerf bullets.
However, they are NOT suitable for use with the Elite Styfe battery powered model. It seems impossible to fire a full clip of 6 without at least one or 2 jamming in the mechanism. It does seem to be the tip which jams the mechanism.
I have taken time to check that it is the bullet and not related to battery power, damaged bullets etc. The genuine Nerf bullets fire without problem. This unfortunately renders these pretty useless to us and I am throwing them all away.
By IAN DAVISON 19 January 2018
Purchased to supplement the ones included with my kids new Nerf weapons. The value is good considering how big a battle they can have with the bullets. The quality is good and they fly as true as standard. However they are a fraction fatter than standard bullets. You notice it when reloading the guns we have - if you're too dainty when pushing them in you can get jams as they can protrude into kissing mechanisms. Generally when actually fitting they work just as well as stock bullets such that the kids don't get picky when selecting which bullets to pick from the box.
By George W 5 January 2018
Definitely harder tips than nerf bullets but for the price they are brilliant. good quality and fast delivery. Thank you
By Tam 13 July 2017
My daughters love these refills. Apparently, they work better than the original branded versions but are a fraction of the price. Highly recommend.
By Helen of Troy 29 April 2017
Boy loves these. Never runs out now
Quality product. All fire well. Have used substandard bullets before and they were thin and didn’t work. These are perfect
By James W. 6 December 2017
Great value bullets for Nerf guns, they are quite cheap and do fall apart after short use, but at the crazy cheap price I bought them for, I can't complain.
Though, as many other people have pointed out, they are hard tipped and can be quite painful.
By Nathan Crawshaw 19 March 2017