1 Pair of EVA Height Increase Inserts Insoles Shoe Pads Heel Lifts 3CM---Random Color SODIAL 026157

1 Pair of EVA Height Increase Inserts Insoles Shoe Pads Heel Lifts 3CM---Random Color SODIAL 026157

  • Unitary pad design will not move while walking
  • Molded, comfortable to wear, the shape of the foot
  • Reduce the pressure on back and knees when walking
  • Fit for men and women, and durable in use
  • Material: EVA
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Product description

1 pair Shoes Height Increase Sorties Insoles Pads Heel Lifts
This is a pair of climbing aids, height lifties called inlays, shoe inserts or height increasing insoles - make you taller.
Height: approx. 1.3 inches/ 3.3 cm
width: approx. 1.97 inch/ 5 cm
Length: approx. 5.5 inches/ 14 cm
color: Beige, blue, red, black, green, purple, yellow, orange or other colors, we will send a pair in random color.
Please in kind prevail.
Package includes: 1 x pair of insoles
Note:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3 cm.

This was a second purchase after a successful test purchase. My need is therapeutic as I have I have a short right leg from a bad injury in my youth. Over the years I have tried various inserts with only limited success. The lift on these is about 1.3 inches however it is possible to reduce this with a sharp knife by shaving the molded filler. In my case I reduced it to 1 inch, quite easily. As I only need one of the pair I can fit out two pairs of shoes with each purchase. At the price of these lifts I can easily purchase enough for all my shoes which was the reason for my repeat purchase.
By DG 26 July 2016
Cheap and cheerful, been using for a few weeks and they work for me at least. Following an accident years ago my left leg is about 1 - 2 cm shorter than it should be, and over the years I've tried stuffing various things into shoes / boots with different degrees of success. Obviously you could spend a lot more money and get something perfect, but what are the good/bad points regarding this product ?
Very, very inexpensive. They are simply a moulded/shaped piece of foam with a secondary liner type material part "glued" on. The foam itself is just about perfect in the amount it "gives" under weight, and it feels like it may be tough enough to last Slightly confused by other reviews, the product I received is perhaps slightly different. Looks less "lift" than the image ? I'd say mine adds about 1.5 cm where it matters under my heel (perfect for me, but It looks easy enough to trim some off if req.) About 55mm wide, for me in size 8 boots It does stay in place, but would ideally be 5 - 10mm wider. Might well be a problem with bigger feet than mine.
My delivery were black in colour. At this price I've no complaints whatsoever.
By Chowderman 16 May 2018
These took quite a while to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I have a shorter left leg so put a heel rise in any left hand shoe or trainer, and am always on the look out for a cheap option for any new footwear I happen to purchase. It was clear from the description and photo that these were going to be too big, but as they looked like fairly firm foam this didn't put me off. On arrival, I used a Stanley knife to halve each of them, resulting in effectively four separate heel risers. I've used two under the insoles of two new pairs of trainers and they are perfect. For little more than a pound it seems extraordinary that they can be shipped from China (the label was marked "Shenzen"!) and still come in at a fraction of the price of something bought from your local shoe retailer. Faultless, for the money
By DAVE COOKE 17 March 2017
Having suffered with bad feet all my life, i've never been able to wear flat boots. I thought i'd give these a try, and they actually work. I've been wearing wellies to walk the dogs. The first time in my life. They now go from boot to bòot. So yes great. Being memory foam i don't know how long they'll last though.
By barb 6 March 2016
These can't increase your height as they compress so much when you stand on them.
If you need them as you have a leg length difference then I would avoid them at all costs.
You are better off with one made of cork or other hard material.
By TheBigYin 3 December 2017
I put them in my trainers and one of the hole inserts split when i tried to tighten them. Bit too big for trainers to be effective however would be fine for boots (high sides).
By Deborah228 26 September 2016
good value but too firm/hard
By M.S.C. 23 March 2018
Great product. Excellent quality.
By Keep It Simple 22 April 2018