"50" Fiftieth Birthday Silverplated Diamante Decorative Keepsake Trinket Box / Pot Lesser Pavey

"50" Fiftieth Birthday Silverplated Diamante Decorative Keepsake Trinket Box / Pot Lesser Pavey

  • Oval trinket box with number 50 on lid
  • Silver plated in a shiny finish with diamante detail
  • Ideal 50th birthday keepsake gift
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This is a great lamp and I love it. It has lovely soft orange glow. The pictures featured on the selling page showing the light in its illuminated state are accurate. Yes it is heavy, 7.5 kilos, which makes it very stable and secure arounds the dog and kids. The size of mine is approx 12.5 inches (Including the wooden stand) high and 7 inches wide. I don't have anything negative to say about this lamp. There are comments in these reviews around the bulb blowing after a few hours. Mine is still intact after a few days and to be honest I'm not going to blow a fuse even if it does blow because the price of the lamp was cheap. If you want high quality bulb then you need to be prepared to pay a high quality price. Simple as that !!
As for health benefits, I haven't had it long enough yet to comment but, I didn't buy it for health reasons. However, should I start to feel like Superman then I will add to this review, or similarly if you see me flying past your window or climbing the outside walls of a skyscraper, then you know it will have benefited me !!
Delivered next day as promised and well packaged. Recommended Product
By Tonywilson21 28 October 2017
Absolutely in love with this. As soon as I unpacked it I bought 2 more. One more for myself and 1 as a gift for my partner. They are all completely different. My friends and family have purchased them because of me and they are so unique. They are besutiful when lit and everyone compliments me on them. Get 2 already believe me x
By Kanziika 30 January 2018
Very salty. Banished demons without issue. Good lamp
By Amazon Customer 13 March 2017
It's a nice looking lamp. Provides a nice warm glow like a fire that's dying away. It's a decent size (about 12in tall overall). As for its ability to clean the air and release negative ions and all that malarky, I'm not convinced. It's supposed to absorb moisture from the air and that moisture will have allergens and pollutants in it, then the heat from the bulb is supposed to evaporate the moisture, leaving the allergens trapped in the lamp. Not sure what the mechanism is for releasing negative ions though. Got it for the wife who's more inclined to believe in this stuff but she hasn't noticed any improvement in her allergies (I was actually hoping at least for a placebo effect). Believers will say it's because we don't have it on for long enough I guess (about 8 hours a day) but I doubt it would do anything other than look nice even if we left it on 24/7.
By Paul M 3 December 2017
Super fast delivery, great product, extremely happy with it! The light bulb in one of them was broken but called them straight away and it was resolved immediately. Great customer service!
Fully recommended A* product A* customer service A**** all around! Thank you!
By Ana Parker 18 March 2017
Stunning item, mine weighs around 9KG and honestly it's bigger than you would expect so take that into account if you plan on displaying it on a glass table or similar. The lighting piece, bulb & UK power plug came packed in a piece of polystyrene box not fitted to the rock however fitting is simple and pops straight into the bottom which is then clamped in place with two black swivel arms.
The Rock itself is a fantastic display piece looks hand shaped and flawless, Although it was a little crumbly in places this is a raw chunk of rock salt so i expected a little salt dust & crumble however this is very simple to fix get a damp sponge (I actually used a little spray Dettol) and wipe over the salt making sure you have unplugged it from the mains first, pat it down after with some kitchen paper and turn it on to dry out this cleans up the rock removing any dark patches or build up whist its been in storage, doing this also gives the rock a nice transparent natural sheen to boot.

Again, very happy with this purchase looks like a giant crystal fossil that you'd see in a museum or something! looks like it should have cost way more than it did. Not sure about any health benefits but I bought it for décor more than anything so bonus if it cleans the air aswell.

10/10 Buy it now :)
By D.Cryer 26 July 2018
Unique, imperfections add character, bigger than expected, gives off a nice glow. Good value for money! Height approx 300mm.
By Amazon Customer 27 March 2017
Absolutely beautiful. I am so impressed with this lamp! Looks amazing when the light is switched on, but still a statement piece when it is off! Perfect. And thank you to the seller for sending me a new fuse and bulb within days after I blew the one it came with (oops)
By Miss Rose 10 January 2018