"Baumalu" Sauce & marmalade pot/saucepan (40 cm) made of heavy copper

"Baumalu" Sauce & marmalade pot/saucepan (40 cm) made of heavy copper

  • Hand-forged copper pot
  • EU brand name quality from "Baumalu"
  • Diameter top: 390 mm, bottom: 260 mm, height: 150 mm
  • Copper weight: 3 kg, shipping weight: 4 kg, hold. capacity: ca. 12 liters
  • Bottom suitable for open fire, gas and electric burners, with limitations
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"Baumalu" Sauce and jam saucepan

A top quality pot for mixing, hand-forged out of heavy quality, plain copper. It is just like the ones used in professional kitchens, especially for preparing sweet dishes (marmalade, jam, roasted almonds, butterscotch, candy, chocolate, etc.), or mixing sauces or Italian polenta.

In France such pots are used preferably for cooking jam. It is said that when jam is prepared in a copper pot, gelling sugar is not necessary. Jam gels in copper without additives! We tried it out with blackberries and can confirm that.

Unfortunately i had to send these back, they are so beautiful looking but so poorly made, the glass looked wonky and was scratched - also the packaging was dirty - bit of a 'cheap' product, for the price you can get better elsewhere
By Dandyhighwaywoman 22 December 2017
The glasses are absolutely wonderful, gorgeous colours and shapes. I have bought at least five sets as presents. These have the beauty. The tray that comes with them is pretty awful, I have usually taken it out and added a more attractive one to enhance the set. Suggest you look at the tray design or remove it all together.
By Mrs C. L. Beaumont 1 August 2013
I love these so much, I've begged my relatives to purchase a set for my birthday! The glasses are made of beatiful, delicate (but not frail!) glass, with lovely long stems. They are available in places like John Lewis but for about £30! The only thing that lets this little beauty down is the tray (as mentioned by other reviewers!) The tray is meant to look pewter I think, but is a plastic item, painted shiny grey. It's ok - but I am going to buy something far more elaborate to show my new glasses off on!
By Mrs HB 2 April 2013
Love these glasses. They look beautiful and are a joy to drink from. Such good value for money. Great for after dinner pudding wine! Just avoid using the tray to carry them. They arrived within days of ordering. This is my second set.
By David 7 December 2016
These glasses look very pretty but they are not very practical because they can get knocked over very easily and often smash when this happens on a hard surface as I discovered to my cost. We got these as a present. It wasn't long before I managed to smash most of them and was obliged to buy a new set when my wife complained.
By Paul K 16 September 2015
Looked so pretty and the reviews were so good but these were terrible quality.
The box arrived divided into 2 compartments of three glasses in each. Opened the first side and couldn't believe that the first three were such a shoddy finish. I didn't even look at the other three, just re-boxed and returned.
The rims were rough and the glass was full of air bubbles. And the tray?!
By noodun 24 September 2014
We saw these in John Lewis and my mother was taken with them so I bought them for her birthday. As all other reviewers have said the tray is rubbish - in our case the paint was flaking off. There is no point in returning it to get another cheap tray so we'll be buying something a bit more in keeping with these lovely glasses. I would recommend that, if giving these as a gift, you also give a decent tray.
By Elaine Tomasso 22 May 2013
LOvely. So pleased these are still available after all these years. Had to replace a broken one so have spares !
By H. J. Kendrick 15 October 2017