Dritz Cardboard Quilting Rainbow Color Selector-5-inch 3169

Dritz Cardboard Quilting Rainbow Color Selector-5-inch 3169

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  • Suitable for knitting and crochet projects
  • Suitable for all types of garments
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for easy usage and storage
  • Adds texture and style to your projects
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Product Description

Dritz-Rainbow Colour Selector. Coordinating colors for quilted masterpieces has never been easier. Simply choose your colour point an arrow in its direction and match it up with the help of the other arrows pointing toward coordinating colors. Instruction leaflet with complete and illustrated directs is included. Made in USA.

Box Contains

1 x Dritz Quilting Rainbow Color Selector-5-inch

Quite useful especially with the cut out window.
By Loraine L. 9 January 2017
Great product, I use it to choose the best combination of colors in coloring books!!
By sara campana 8 November 2016
This arrived in time and is pretty detailed and very helpful, yet a better card quality would have been nicer.
By Rick 20 June 2018
Great item. Sturdy. Does exactly what I need.
By Mishka Jenkins 12 June 2018
It is as I expected but I actually need some help using this properly - I will look for advice when I have the time.
By Sesimbra 16 January 2018
Great for knitters and crafters as colours are not always easy to match to a standard, single colour wheel. Good support leaflet in lots of languages
By Amazon Customer 16 January 2018
Useful when planning craft and home projects, helping to get the colours right.
By DibDab 22 October 2017