Artamis White Ceramic Shave Bowl

Artamis White Ceramic Shave Bowl

  • White Classic Ceramic Shave Bowl Suitable for a 57g Shaving Soap or for Use as a Shaving Cream Lathering Bowl
  • Will Fit (Not Limited to) Geo F Trumper Oxford Blue Shaving Soap, Geo F Trumper Officer and a Gentlemen Shaving Soap or Taylors Traditional Luxury Shaving Soap Refill
  • Also Available in Black with White Logo
  • 91 x 35mm External Dimensions, Approx 55mm in the Inner Base
  • 118g, 100 x 40mm Boxed
Item # 101560

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This quality white ceramic shaving bowl features the Artamis logo on one side and is great for creating a perfect lather when shaving,

These are too narrow, although they look ok in the picture. I’ve never seen skateboard wheels like this, and find it hard to believe that anyone bothers to make them. Save your cash and buy some Spitfires. At least check the width of the wheel.
By Pepys 6 December 2014